I binged my way through the Holidays

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Welcome back Alaska Girl!!

Your post sounds like you are done this time, I was where you are now a little over a year ago. I joined SR in 2012, and spent from 2012-2015 varying between periods of sobriety, and failed attempts at moderation. On NYE 2015 I decide I was done, I had enough of feeling the way I was. 2016 was the first year since I was 15 that I did not have a single sip of alcohol.

The past year has had some tough days/situations, but I did not allow alcohol to be a choice ever. SR was my biggest support. I read and posted here daily, two threads I found very helpful were the January 2016 class and the 24 hour recovery.

You can do this, and I promise you sobriety is so worth it!!!

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Desert Dawg – I see myself so much in your comment. Part of my drinking was habit, Friday night, long weekend ahead? Drink! This is going to sound strange but part of me even enjoyed the oblivion of a hangover. I could sleep the day away on Saturday or Sunday (or both). In the later years if I was alone (my husband works away from home two weeks out of every month) if I didn’t have any obligations for the weekend I would drink heavily Friday night, wake up hung over on Saturday and start drinking right away to “take the edge off” and then end up drinking/sleeping all day. If there was still liquor left on Sunday I would repeat. Monday’s would be a nightmare at work, if I made it. I need to figure out why I was seeking oblivion. Was it just the addiction or something more?

Dee – Thanks for the welcome back, it is always comforting to come back and see that you are still here, doing what you do. You are a recovery rock star.

Delilah1 – Thank you for the welcome back! So cool to hear your story. I’ve already been imagining how excited I am going to be celebrating NYE 2018 and my first full year sober at the same time. I didn’t plan to quit on New Year’s Day, but that is the day it clicked. You are inspiring!

I have to work now so I won’t be back on for a while, but this weekend I plan to bring my work laptop home with me so I can spend a lot of time on SR. It’s hard to respond to people on my mobile.

Thank you everyone who has posted! I’m very grateful.
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