6 months since my 1st DUI

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Smile 6 months since my 1st DUI

Hey everyone, I wanted to give an update of my situation. Itís been 6 months since I got my 1st DUI. In that time Iíve had 3 jobs, 1 of them I lost due to being hit by a car about 3 months ago.

Things have been going okay, I enrolled in college last week, Iím currently in the process of sorting things out with financial aid, I had to write a suspension appeal due to a low GPA score, so Iím waiting for that to work itself out. Iím planning on taking online classes and majoring in nursing.

Iím a few weeks away from graduating from my drinking classes, finally. My thoughts on the class, it was okay. I really liked my instructor, she wasnít too preachy or holier than thou, she was really down to earth and realistic. Sheís the only reason I felt comfortable going. It was a behavioral class so some people were there for DSS(to get custody for their kids), ADSAP(drug and alcohol classes) and others were self-referral.

Some people took the class seriously, others were still actively using and lying about it. 1 guy was arrested for selling drugs, another asked me to sell him my pain medication. Thereís one guy whoís very outgoing and likeable, but one of my friends from the group told me he told her he still sells drugs, and owes his dealer a lot of money, he even sold drugs to another guy in the group. And heís getting ready to graduate with us, itís crazy. Itís no wonder he always seems so happy in group, he doesnít have to deal with any consequences.

Iíve been sober for 108 days, I consider myself very lucky in regards to the DUI . I didnít hurt anyone and I wasnít hurt. I got it in my mom's van, thankfully I didn't crash it or damage it. I didn't get a lawyer, The cops and the judge agreed to give me time served instead of doing any time, community service or paying any fines because they saw I was already enrolled in drinking classes before my conviction. I had 6 more months added to my suspension for refusing to blow, but maybe that was the only smart thing I did. In this state if you blow over a .15 you have to get an interlock for 6 months. Iím pretty sure I would of probably blown a .20 or over. An interlock would be very pricey and not idea.

I have 6 months left on my suspension and Iím planning on calling a few places to see whoís hiring since hiring season should be starting back up. Wish me luck.
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Good luck. Glad things are working your way. Keep going.
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Sounds like you're making good progress. Best of luck.
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