A little helpful tip to quitting

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A little helpful tip to quitting

Hello all,

Whats working for me possibly might help you in some aspects of your journey to sobriety.

This method or trick to help keep you on the right path is financial in nature. Lets face it when we are drunken in our lives we are careless with our money. Often maxing our credit cards and wasting cash on alcohol and things surrounding that lifestyle.

Do the math and let it really sink in how much money you are wasting. Let it be painful. Add up the years and look at the money you pissed away.

Now decide to stop that fruitless behavior. Take accountability of your money and gain control over your life. Start a savings account. Even if you are in debt with credit cards or whatever start the savings account anyways. Put some of the money you would spend on drinking into this fund. Start a savings account during your sobriety!

Its a reward nobody can turn down. You need to save this money for retirement. And in this comes weight off your shoulders. For in time of need you can use the money. Not only will you feel better inside you will feel happy as your bank account thrives and you gain control over your life again.
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I do that now, too. I think 'well, I can spend $ on booze...but, even better I can save that money for something that will make me happy for a longer time than the quick buzz and temporary escape from a bottle'.
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Money was always pretty low on the list of reasons TO quit, for me. I did the calculation many times, but it never really drove it home hard enough to make me stay quit. I guess I've never been highly motivated by money.

It is nice to have money, almost five months after quitting.
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I like the idea Clean
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Whatever helps! Don't forget to add in those costly DWI's on occasion. :P
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I see your point; but I believe it all depends on the person.

My wife and I earn 5 times as much as we did 20 years ago (and I am adjusting for inflation). We lived paycheck to paycheck then and we live paycheck to paycheck now.

The only difference is that we have a better house, better cars, we eat better, have better things etc.

Spenders spend and savers save - if I don't blow it on booze it will get spent somewhere else.
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