No Hangover Again!

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No Hangover Again!

I got up a little later than usual this morning because I stayed up past my bed time last night and set off a mortar with my kids at midnite. I went to the store to do the day's shopping before the weekend/holiday crowds hit. Before I left I had a big glass of water and a cup of coffee and my brain was instantly firing on all cylinders. I felt great!

Every morning for the past five years I give thanks that I don't have a hangover but New Years always has a special meaning for me because on this day for more than twenty years I would set the "high water mark". On this day I would have a top ten hangover--a crappy lazy not hungry toxic mess of a way to welcome the new year.

There is no good time to quit drinking. Personally, I snook up on it at Halloween then white knuckled my way through the holidays. My first three months of sobriety coincided with the darkest days of winter. In retrospect it was probably okay because I don't much like winter anyways.

The trick is just do it! Do it so you can welcome next New Years Day with a clear head. Go ahead and call it "dry January" if that helps but keep it in your head that this is going to be permanent. Trust me, it helps. You'll appreciate each day that feels better and not just write 31 shaky red Xs on your calendar. There are many tools at your disposal, not the least of which is Sober Recovery.

Happy New Year, take care,

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Good stuff!! Love the "just do it" attitude! You should copy and paste in the newcomers room!

Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!!
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Yeah the "just do it" is a great message. I love waking up hangover free too!
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