Drinking on antabuse.

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Originally Posted by irishlad View Post
No I don't know the guy. Im not interested in revenge or anything like that. Im a peacefully guy. It's just if I was his wife I would want to know.
Sounds to me like you've already decided to involve yourself - thats your call.

I still think your priority should be your own well being - you're drinking on antabuse.

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Originally Posted by hellrzr View Post
Get to an AA meeting and start working with a sponsor. Your not in the right frame of mind to make decisions at this point in the condition you are in. You really need some help from someone who is outside the issue and can be honest with you.
I don't go to AA never found it much help to be honest.
I have a close friend that doesn't drink or use. I would consider him a sponsor. I have been chatting to him.

But I think your right I am better off just leaving it and walking away.
I still think his wife should know but I don't think I would even have the heart to tell her.
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I have to say that I know people who drank on Antabuse and had really severe reactions, almost deadly. You are playing with fire here. Stay out of the situation with the wife and kids until you sober up.
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Stop taking Antabuse if you are going to drink.

Better, stop drinking and take Antabuse in the correct way so that it can help you.

Best yet, do those two things, see your dr and be honest about what's going on, and start going to AA.

EVERYTHING else can wait, and I mean everything.

Do you want to quit?

Your answer will tell you what to do. Stop drinking and start getting healthy; keep drinking and messing around with a serious drug, stay in the drama of a bad relationship and its entrails, and stay stuck.

You get to decide.

Good luck.
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Future tip for cravings: Sugar! I gained 5 lbs this Christmas, but it beats being drunk! (I'll lose the weight after all the Christmas festivities aren't triggering me anymore.) Someone told me that part of an alcohol craving is craving sugar. Alcohol has a lot of sugar in it, so eating something sugary like a cookie or some ice cream can help curb the craving. Also, I just like sweets, so it helps!
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Originally Posted by irishlad View Post
No I don't know the guy. Im not interested in revenge or anything like that. Im a peacefully guy. It's just if I was his wife I would want to know.
You might be a peaceful guy but the husband...?

Leave the g/f if you want. However, my advise would be to stay away from the husband/wife.
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Originally Posted by irishlad View Post
i don't go to aa never found it much help to be honest.
I have a close friend that doesn't drink or use. I would consider him a sponsor. I have been chatting to him.

But i think your right i am better off just leaving it and walking away.
I still think his wife should know but i don't think i would even have the heart to tell her.
Your friend isn't a sponsor but simply a friend. It's good to have someone sober to talk about things with though but don't think that is any sort of sponsor/sponsee relationship.

So what has not going to AA gotten you? Sounds to me like you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by hitting up some meetings again but this time have an open mind and be willing to accept the help that is offered. Believe me, NO ONE thinks AA is for them... at least not until they actually follow the program and see the amazing impact it has on their lives and the lives of those around them.
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Sorry to hear of your bad news. As said earlier, your gf actions are out of your control.

Here is how I would handle the situation, Break up with gf and tell her that I love her and will pray for her. No matter what I would just tell her that "my sobriety" is in jeopardy. I would then get into the rooms of AA or some other recovery program and work on my spirituality. Once I had a year or more sober then worry about relationship with a gf.
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Originally Posted by irishlad View Post
I know it's a bad idea but the craving is very strong!
Not sure if I am going to be able to hold out.

Anyone have any tips for cravings.
Now you're talking!

HALT Hungry-Angry-Lonely-Tired. These are all common triggers. Obviously you are feeling angry right now, so even more important that you make sure the other three things are addressed. As far as the anger is concerned, remember that if you get drunk it will only give you a very, very short reprieve from your feelings anyway. And if you're in hospital having your stomach pumped or getting other emergency care then even that won't be too much 'relief'. One of the most important things to realise is that drinking doesn't help ANY problems. It just makes it worse.

Could you look up an AA meeting in your area and get there, or call their hotline number? Antabuse is all very well, but it only adresses alcoholic drinking, and the alcoholic thinking is still rampant. Also, don't forget services such as Samaritans. There is always someone at the end of the phone line to talk to.

Drinking at her doesn't punish her, just yourself. If you can get a good chunk of sobriety and work on your recovery then you'll be able to choose better girlfriends who won't mess you around. You will be able to form more meaningful relationships. Much as it hurts to find out about her dalliance, it's better to know now rather than invest more time and emotion in a no-go relationship. You could well have dodged a bullet with this one. As far as the husband and wife and their kids? I'd suggest that you focus your energy on keeping your own side of the street clean, getting sober, and talking to your doctor or whoever prescribed the antabuse and getting honest about the last couple of days. The rest of it really isn't up to you. You could do more harm than good. I'd also ask people to stop telling you any more. Cut contact with those who are (presumably) telling you all this stuff if they don't stop adding fuel to the fire. You know the bits you need to know to make your decisions, and don't need any more info. Remember, some people do love a bit of drama.

Keep on keeping on. One hour at a time if necessary.
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First, stay out of the girlfriend/husband/wife situation. Once you involve yourself in a mess you are part of it. The wife will find out on her own at some point- or not- but that is not for you to "take over" and make your own issue. Dump the girlfriend or work on reconciling, that is up to you and IS your business.

Drinking on antabuse is a horrible idea. You got lucky having little reaction but you could have a much worse reaction next time. I drank on it once- one glass of wine, a week after my last dose and it was horrific. I didn't go to the hospital but probably should have. Even if you didn't have a really bad reaction you are putting your liver in serious jeopardy by drinking on it, even more so than regular drinking.

There are craving tips here in the thread and also in other parts of the forum. If you are going the medication route you can also talk to your doctor about medications for cravings. Two are naltrexone and campral. Both can be used in conjunction with antabuse. I tried campral and it helped me. It didn't make cravings go away completely but it seriously lessoned the strength and frequency of them, they became entirely manageable IF- and this is the important part- IF I chose to manage them. That is to say, you need to have a solid recovery plan in place in addition to the medication. AA, SMART, whatever. But something other than just "winging it" and hoping for the best.

Last thing, if you have an option (I didn't, only campral was available where I am) I have heard/read online that the user reviews for naltrexone are better than campral. That said, as with any medication, it really does depend on the individual. So one or the other may be better for you. Ask your doctor and trust them. Then I am sure you can try the other if you find the one prescribed is not working.
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I had a sponsee drink on it. She had a heart attack and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Not good.
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