I promised to be back after the holidays....

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So you saw what happened when you applied the BB test (in a form) of whether you can quit. You don't seem to be able to in the way that you've what now?

It sounds like a great time for AA (of course, I always say that) - if you want to be sober, you have to want it more than hope for it, put a plan into action more than just think of one, and decide how to keep yourself safe first (ie, don't go to tempting places/around people who drink) etc.....and get some sober time with real commitment that is not conditional or time-based under you so there's an "out" when said condition/time ends.

You can do it.

We don't get unlimited chances at this, if we are alcoholics- I hope you take this as your last one. It is SO much better on this side- promise.
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Just to echo what everyone else has said about the moderation thing. For me, I know that there is no chance I will be able to have that kind of 'casual' relationship with alcohol and the fact that my subconscious keeps trying to persuade me that I can is the best proof there is that it must be zero alcohol or bust.
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