Four Year on SR

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Four Year on SR

I realized with a jolt I have been registered with Sober Recovery for four years. In that time I have managed to visit the site most days and have been grateful knowing that no matter what day or time there will also be another alcoholic on here I can connect to.
Life seems to fly by when you are sober and I know now that's because normal living does fly by, being an active alcoholic is what made life seem to drag along. This site has settled me down and reminded me why I must not pick up a drink over and over again, the people on Sober Recovery have shown me how to live. It has been a safe harbor in times of storm and helped keep me sober over the last 1461 days I have been a member.
To those just starting their journey keep coming back. I promise to be more active in 2017.
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Originally Posted by Johno1967 View Post
Life seems to fly by when you are sober.
Congrats four years is awesome...I hope to be there one day.

Time seems to move slower since I got seems I have more time on my hands.
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Congrats on 4 years Johno, that's a fantastic achievement! I'm glad you plan on coming back and being more active in 2017 too, we could learn from you just as you could learn from us. Happy New Year to you and thanks for sharing.
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Do your best
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2012 crew checking in!
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Good to have you with us John

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Congratulations on 1461, it is wonderful!
I never stop feeling amazed and happy for people's sobriety...I feel so grateful for mine...initially it is not easy but it is worth it.
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Nice to meet you Johno
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Great stuff John!!
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