Is this sadness going to pass?

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Originally Posted by Delilah1 View Post
Welcome to SR!!

Just about a year ago I finally stopped the insanity for good. In the past I romanticized my relationship with alcohol, I envisioned glass of wine watching the sunset, or in front of a crackling fire. However, the reality was it was never just a glass of wine, it was more like a bottle or so of me drinking in sweats in front of the tv. I would often fall asleep (aka pass out) on the couch and then wake at about 2:00 am drag myself up to bed only to hear the alarm go off at 5:30. You can imagine what a lovely image my puffy face, red eyes, and pounding head made the next day as I looked in the mirror.
I can echo all that. I too romanticized drinking (and for me it was wine as well). I would 'treat' myself to an expensive bottle, but it was always finished in record time and I was walking to the local shop to get another cheap bottle(s) to keep the night going.

There was nothing pretty about my drinking. I could never understand why anyone would meet friends for coffee when it was just as easy to drink wine.

I was in denial I had a problem a long time, - two decades in fact. That used to make me sad (that I didn't learn earlier I would never be able to moderate). But what overrides that is that I am only 43 and sober five years.

When I think of it that way, I am never sad
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My sadness is grief. At not being able to drink like a normal person. For the family I left in my destructive wake- and all the other crap my story tells... Not now- sadness 'dulls' - it used to paralyse me. Then everything was a very,very tiring effort. Now tiring- still an effort but getting better. Have a happy, sobersafe and peaceful NY.
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