Made it through a cruise without drinking

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Made it through a cruise without drinking

I have to admit I'm very proud of myself. Not the bad kind of proud, more of a humble realization that I am so lucky to be able to do this without drinking. I had a blast with my wife and we swam in the ocean on Christmas Day. We had a buffet at the beach and one fellow who ended up next to me at the table was not able to eat. I was asking him if he was alright since I felt to make some chit chat. It was christmas after all. He managed to explain that he had been drinking the whole time on the cruise and this was day three. His hangover was so bad that he could hardly take it. Much less enjoy the wonderful beach and the superb food. I guess this was faith letting me know that I used to be that guy. I used to be the guy who would come home and not even remember where I've been. While I was sad for the guy It just strengthened my resolve.
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That's great news tnman, congrats on staying sober and glad to year you enjoyed the trip!
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It's a pretty cool thing to get through something like a cruise without drinking, but it really means something if you also managed to have a good time. Life can be a lot better than we think without booze.
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Good job
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I have many vacations drunk.

My wife and I would spend thousands of dollars going somewhere nice and just be drunk or hungover the whole time. Looking back I could have stayed home and done the same thing and it would have been a lot cheaper.
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I love sober vacations! Well done.
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Great job, tnman! I am sure your wife appreciates the sobriety too!
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Great job, tnman. Here's to more fantastic sober vacations in your future.
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I'm really happy to hear this, Tnman.

I have gotten spoiled being in recovery, whether it's being able to get up in the morning and work comfortably and energetically during the course of the day or being able to truly enjoy a vacation.
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Good for you tnman
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good one
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My boyfriend and his kids are on a cruise right now. He is in recovery too and is enjoying their trip so much. We found it funny that (just like a friend of mine from my home group did) he went to the daily 5p AA meeting yesterday....and was the only one there! He was going to try again tonight and I haven't heard the results

Life is so much better sober and a vacation is an extra special treat that way. If I hadn't been sober for months and working on myself, let alone sober at the time of the visit, we wouldn't have been able to spend an afternoon in DC with my brother. That mini-vacation is cemented in my head.

Great going!! And Happy New Year to you and everyone.
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Awesome Tinman. Last cruise I went on, I bought the drink package and drank like it was my job to keep that ship afloat.

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Tinman that's great! I have cruised a fair amount, all wasted the whole time. My next one will be sober. I'll enjoy the food and the ocean views instead of sitting there drunk the whole time.
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