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AA meeting app

I asked this in another app but never got a response
When I first got sober 4 years ago there was an app. It helped you find meetings even if you were out of town. I've recently relapsed and cannot for the life of me find the app again. Anyone know the name of the app?
I believe the Big Book and the 12/12 was in it as well... or not
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Why not just go to

It has "find a meeting" on the home page.

Alcoholics Anonymous <<~~ clickable link
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Google Big Book Companion - I believe that is what your looking for.
Meeting guide doesn't appear very complete however based on what I see in the state where I live. As Bim posted above, aa org

Glad you're back.
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Do your best
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Agreed on checking the website & when you do get to a meeting pick up a 'were to find' which is a meeting list with telephone numbers

We have this in the uk I'm not sure if US has it ?
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You can search for "aa meeting finder" and one comes up with some meetings in the area, but not all.
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Once you find one meeting that's all that really matters, at meetings they have current lists - in my area a little book - that they give to newcomers or anyone who asks. Also, once at a meeting ask some people about meetings in the area at the times you are available. Especially good to find Big Book or Step meetings where they focus on the solution.

Calling Intergroup in your area is another idea (so just use your location and call the number that comes up on that website, - they will have current meetings in front of them and may even offer to take you or at the least meet you at a meeting.

Pretty helpful group! Some people even do rides as their service position.
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I'm app impaired but I just google. And yes, you can google the big book.
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I like 12 Step Companion... It's not free but is inexpensive and meets the description you provided.
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