3 months!

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3 months!

I woke up this morning to a bunch of presents from my husband laid out in our living room. We decided not to get each other Christmas gifts this year because we went on a trip to Italy for 2 months in autumn, and so I had no idea why all of these things were here.

After I whined that he shouldn't have gotten me christmas gifts because I never got him anything and now felt like a jerk, he corrected me that they weren't Christmas gifts.

They were congratulating me on 3 months, and that I've accomplished over the last 90 days (living healthier, being happier and more motivated, my new job and handling stress), and everything was there to help me with my new lifestyle

Some sun mimicking lightbulb because I wake up at 5am and it's so hard in the dark (much earlier than I could when drinking), a little bag of fancy espresso I like and a little stove top espresso maker for the morning, and a fancy tea infuser for the evening because I've been focusing on those a lot more now since quitting alcohol, and a set of Bose sweat resistant Bluetooth headphones for workouts and listening to audiobooks on my walk to work (something he knows has helped with my recovery)

He's so proud and so supportive, and said everything was just to make my life a little easier. I feel so lucky to have him.

I almost want to get him to start posting on the 'family of alcoholics' forum to help people who are looking for ways of supporting loved ones who are alcoholics, because he is really wonderful at it.
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What a lovely thing to do
Congrats on 3 months Kintsugi

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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
What a lovely thing to do
Congrats on 3 months Kintsugi

I keep tearing up over it. I've tried for so long to quit, always without involving my family because I didn't want them to hate me, but it's so much better knowing that your family knows and supports you.
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Congrats on 3 months!

What a sweet and wonderful thing to wake up to.
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That is terrific!! First, you, then him.

Great job. Merry Christmas!
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Congrats on the 3 months.

I am at the 60 day mark today myself.

It feels good - doesn't it?
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That is lovely, kintsugi. Congratulations.
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What a fantastic morning, congratulations on 3 months Kintsugi! Your husband is a keeper I think ;-)
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Congrats on 90 kintsugi! You deserve everything you got!
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Ya know, I really like your hubbie He sounds like a great guy. And great guys tend to love great gals. Happy 3 months!
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Do your best
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Love threads like these so so happy for you
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Congrats on 3 months! Keep it up, it just gets better and better
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Heck yeah, 3 months is AWESOME! Kudos to him as well for supporting you. Really cool stuff!
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