Keeping Sober

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Keeping Sober

Hello! i havent been able to log in for a long time here. my computer had issues. today i got on here. I was sober for a while, then like 6 months ago i started drinking wine i was making again. i had refilled my cup with wine. then i woke up on my kitchen floor w/ my plastic cup dumped...and my head hurt where it hit hard tile. no blood. then i was horribly sick-dizzy everyday for 1 entire month. i couldnt go see Dr. it was 1st time i knocked myself out from falling. i continued drinking the wine daily. but im sober now for 3 mos. i think. Im working hard on changing my way of thinking. im trying to get rid of my killer negativity. when i hopefully fix that mess...i believe staying sober will become much easier and simpler for me! As long as im sober, i can make it thru. alcohol affects my thinking, and i dont want that. i want to think very CLEARLY. I want to accomplish things! And i think for Me, Sobriety is Priority ONE! Have a Good Day Everybody.
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Thanks for checking in 120degrees, and congrats on being sober for 3 months, that's great! Sorry to hear about your fall, scary things can happen when we drink for certain. Don't forget that SR is always here if you need more support or would simply like to share.
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Congrats on 3 months! That's great!

Are you getting any kind of support to stay sober?
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Congrats on three months.

One tip- stop making wine!
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Welcome back 120DegreesOut - congrats on 3 months

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Originally Posted by RecklessEric View Post
Congrats on three months.

One tip- stop making wine!
Someday I'll tell about my adventures making hard cider!
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