No appetite

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No appetite

My appetite is next to none. I eat because I feel I need the nutrients, but I usually feel nauseous mid-meal and don't finish. I had some nasty diarrhea yesterday(Sorry for the TMI) too. Normal? Not normal?

Btw day 2 is in the books
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The symptoms of withdrawal can really be all over the map. I had a whole host of GI issues both at the end of my drinking and after I quit. There's really no "normal" during WD's, but in general it's not a pleasant experience. If you have specific medical concerns don't hesitate to see a doctor, it's good to hear that you are still eating though and make sure you are drinking enough water too.
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I was the same no appetite or hardly at all on day 2 I'm not even sure I did eat but like Scott just said drinking water was important as I was badly dehydrated and even with the water I wasn't right in that department for about a week I was getting full off a half can of Heinz chicken soup that was my experience

You might also start getting night sweats or have been experiencing this already it's a weird one but I think it's our bodies working overtime purging through sweat

Your doing amazing not sure why but I'm vividly remembering day 2 back in 2013 and I just want you to know you can do this it might feel like hell now but it won't last forever

Hang in there bud
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Day 3 here you come -- one foot in front of the other we go forward, day by day, hour by hour.

For me the food issues would be an upside for my waistline, but anyway know you will be feeling better soon if you just dont drink.
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Normal for me....I was very sick when I quit and experienced significant PAWS. Immediate detox effects definitely included no appetite, a lot of thirst, night sweats, throwing up and dry heaving, stomach distress... followed by leg cramps and seizures and various side effects from hand shakes to headaches to...

Taking care of myself best I could- sleeping a lot best I could, starting out with food like soup (it was winter so that helped with easy to eat foods) and toast etc.....getting myself to shower and dress and go to meetings (I did not drive- my spatial relation took awhile to stabilize)....

I don't ever want to go back there again, or even a milder version (that would be unlikely). You don't have to either once you get through the beginning.

You can do it.
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Hope you'll feel better soon Dreamz. If you're worried of course see your Dr

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Originally Posted by Soberwolf View Post

You might also start getting night sweats or have been experiencing this already it's a weird one but I think it's our bodies working overtime purging through sweat
You know you're really detoxing when you wake up feeling like a fly hanger... all sticky & yucky!! Good times....
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I also experienced lack of appetite for several days, but on like day 4 I ate like I couldn't get enough. The tough part in the first few days was the unquenchable thirst for fluid. It didn't seem to matter how much i drank, I was still thirsty and chapped. For me I'm usually done with the worst after day 3. Hang in there and stay strong. It's not fun but try and occupy your time and be positive about what awaits after this hell
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Yep- doctor a very good idea.
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Luckily, I just have some anxiety and stomach issues and occasionally I'll get some brain fog. None of the sweats, tremors, hallucinations...
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It is common to have no appetite for the first few days from the beating your stomach takes from all the alcohol, though it will settle down. Stay hydrated and eat what you can,
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Be patient.. it will come back.. Hydrate, eat things that are dense in calories and nutrients.. I like a hard boiled egg with ketchup when I'm not hungry but must put food in stomach.. or crunchy peanut butter. Get some protein.

And in advance, some advice for when the appetite does come back, eat whatever you want. A lot of people crave sugar like crazy, I did, I just went with it until I got a foot hold in my sobriety, then restriction of sweets was easier to tackle.
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It's no substitute for seeing a doctor, but B complex vitamins, potassium (bananas?), Melatonin and a regular multivitamin really helped pick me up when I wasn't eating. Some may have trouble taking the vitamins on a water logged stomach though. B complex was probably the most helpful.
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