Scared by my drinking

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I really don't think I can quit drinking until January.
I'm not angry - but I must share manys the time I said I was going to quit January 1 and was still drinking in April.

There's no good/easy time to quit, but the best time really is today.

Re-read your initial post in this thread again- do you really want that for a few more months?

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Originally Posted by Blankspace87 View Post

I've been giving some consideration to my next steps and I really don't think I can quit drinking until January. what I will do is REDUCE what I am drinking and try and be MINDFUL about it.
I'm sorry, I'm sure you already have enough opinions about these statements, but everyone could not be more right.

If you were able to "cut back" or "reduce the amount you've been drinking" then you wouldn't be here. You would have done it the first time you had any negative consequences from alcohol. It will never be easier to quit tomorrow. You don't ever have to drink to please someone else and it's confusing that you would if you don't want to. It sounds more like an excuse made by your addiction. If you truly want to quit, quit now. Don't wait til the consequences are even greater.
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It's so good to meet you, Blankspace. I'm very glad you've decided to make this big change in your life. I once drank the way you do, but did nothing about it. Even when I embarrassed myself & put myself in dangerous situations. I ended up dependent on it, with a ruined life. This doesn't have to happen to you.

We're here to help - and whenever you're ready - we know you can get free.
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Yeah... I failed last night 😔
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so whats next blankspace?

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You are not letting anyone down if you do not drink. In fact, if you were the designated driver you would be the best friend forever in my eyes.

Alcohol is causing you problems. You do not like yourself because of alcohol.

You deserve a good life. You are worthy of a great life. You do not need to earn it, it is free . You simply need to reach out and grab that good life. Based on what you have written, alcohol is in the way.

Time to move forward, time to love yourself. Time to leave the alcohol behind.
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Welcome, Blankspace!

Sorry to hear that your plan didn't work out so well. There's a few of us that have that same tshirt. I'm only seven months sober, so very much in the early stages of recovery. But I'm learning a lot from some very knowledgeable people on SR - it's a great resource and one worth sticking with. If being sober for the holiday period seems too hard, how about just committing to being sober for the next 24 hours? That's not so long - maybe doable? Commit to today, knowing that tomorrow will be better. Then you can see whether to commit to another 24 hours after that. There's a useful thread on SR at:
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When I first admitted to myself that I am an alcoholic, I was TERRIFIED of being around the people who always knew me as the guy who wouldn't turn down a drink, and would pretty much do anything after having a few in me. Surprisingly, when I "came out" about my decision to not drink any more, I got a TON of support from the people who truly were my friends, and after that initial first awkward conversation, it was over and done with.

Sure, there were a few relationships that I had to terminate, they were no longer healthy for me, but in the overall scope of life, those relationships were based on alcohol, without it, we didn't have nearly as much in common.

Don't be afraid of making this decision, I am confident that you will find more support and love than you anticipate, and if you find the opposite from some people, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship with those people.
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I'm posting because once again, I failed. I am a disgrace. I'm going to keep talking, because I really do want to do this, as much as my actions suggest otherwise.
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sober style
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Keep after it, adjust your plan, try some new things. It can be hard to quit, but it's doable.
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keep coming back as they say BS. You'll get to a point that you will do whatever it takes to want what we have. That's when you know and recovery is the result.
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