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Hello Frickaflip, personally I think there's enough information, explanation and clarification in Secular Connections on SR, the stickies and other folks threads, particularly some recent non-sticky threads.

I personally read the book, but only because my addiction was so deeply entrenched and I fast-forwarded to my expectation that my AV would dismiss AVRT, because I hadn't read the book - so it was an AV pre-emptive move on my part.

Frickaflip, I do appreciate your questioning mind and feel it would be beneficial to yourself and others, if you posted your questions on Secular Connections.

Oh, just noticed Algorithms post above......this is what I meant earlier by the inquisitorial mode, which is used in AVRT in an attempt to delve deeper and thereby focus a spotlight on the addiction root. Please don't take it any other way than its intention, to assist you in ending alcohol addiction, forever.

AVRT isn't touchy-feely, it stops addiction permanently and once stopped, allows one to deal with any other issues. So there's no back-slapping, little hugging and no ODAAT. It's about self-empowerment. Plus, if you can use your Authentic Self to stop drinking for good with no fear of relapses (which you can) then imagine what else you can use that inherent power for!
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Thanks Algo. I don't want to debate.

Man you've read an amazing amount into my OP. I'm exhausted now . Whatever works man.
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Thanks again Tatsy. I'll read but I doubt I'll ask questions. You guys are too darn smart for me. I'm going to head down to the elementary school with my Big Book, rally a bunch of 1st graders and have me a spiritual awakening....I'm joking around, obviously .
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Frickaflip, I think your sense of humour would be appreciated in SC! I've read lots of your posts, you're a smart lady indeed, not that it's a prerequisite for AVRT......we're just a bunch of ex-alcohol addicts trying to assist others in their understanding of the technique; so that others can also experience non-conditional freedom from addiction. Take care
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Deciding to accept the idea of permanent, unconditional abstinence is truly freeing and liberating, not to mention totally 'doable' , and it doesn't even need to mess up afternoon plans
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Originally Posted by NYCDoglvr View Post
Good point. The American Medical Assn. classifies alcoholism as a mental illness. Like BiPolar disorder.
Actually as a disease.
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I was an abnormal drinker from the beginning but my tolerance was so low in the beginning, two or three drinks got me where I wanted to be over an evening.

After about ten years, it took 12-14 drinks to get me where I wanted to be.
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