Not sure what to do

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Alcoholism is a progressive disease. In the beginning I could drink moderately, but my consumption increased on its own. By the time I got sober I was a daily blackout drinker. You seem aware that you can't control your drinking, so perhaps it's time to get help?
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You need to just face it. Tell a doc how much you have been drinking. Trust me your amount of drinking is not that embarrassing, but if you are feeling effects when you try and stop... It's very worth it to see a doc as they can proscribe stuff to make the withdrawals easier and safer. I personally experience the worst of the withdrawals for 2 days or so, not for weeks. I do notice that every time I relapse (3 times in the last two years for like 5 day binges with a fifth a day whiskey), the withdrawal gets worse each time.
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Originally Posted by mayeve View Post
Is there really any other way besides Cold Turkey?
Cold Turkey can be dangerous, even fatal for some of us.,

I recommend seeing a Dr to everyone who possibly can do that - just to check things out and get advice...maybe even meds if they're deemed necessary

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