What exactly is a surrender chip?..

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Question What exactly is a surrender chip?..

Hello Everyone -

I normally do not post here as my husband is the A; however he is currently in a detox/rehab facility. I have not been able to speak to him for a few days and we were able to have a very brief conversation today. He mentioned he received a surrender chip but was not able to get into detail as the call was limited.

Would someone care to explain? He has done AA in the past but I have never heard of him ever speaking of a surrender chip before.

Just curious really....
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Well I had never heard of a 'surrender' chip before but a quick google says :

The White Chip, also known as the "Surrender Chip" is for anyone starting, or for anyone starting over in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. It's the most important chip you can pick up at an AA meeting!

My guess is this is similar to the 24 hour chip but I've never seen a white one.
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DUH - never thought of trying to google it. Thanks though!
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I'm glad you didn't google it because I learned something new.
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Yeah, at my local AA groups we call it the 'Desire' or '24 hour' chip.
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I've seen and been given a white one. To me, the 24 hour "surrender chip" is the most important chip. It signifies that huge leap between Step 0 and Step 1, when you finally quit trying to control your alcoholism and have the humility to admit that yes your drinking and your life is out of control.

It's beautiful.

From there you then surrender to the power, not to the disease. I learned that "surrender" is far from the weakness I used to think it was. It's the exact opposite.
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What Centered said.

Here, the white chip is offered and explained as a "desire to try our way of life for 24 hours" and sometimes the words surrender chip are used. Usually at the beginning of the chip system, it's offered, then 30/90/6 mo/9 mo/1 yr and anniversaries (each has a different color) and then the white, one last time. The person giving them out usually says something like "And the white chip is being offered again- why? Because it's the most important. (If no takers, usually say it will be at the front of the room if someone wants to get one)"

Personally, I did not want the attention called to me at first, so I waited til 30 days to get my first chip.
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