Ho long to "reset" after a relapse?

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Originally Posted by steve-in-kville View Post

The relapse or the withdrawal that followed?

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Hi Steve,

Glad you are back again. I am nearing the one year mark, and I'm definitely feeling good physically and mentally. I have had periods of sobriety in the past, but none this long. It is definitely worth it.

I have worked s lot on mindfulness this past year, and have really shifted my focus to recovery vs. not drinking. It seeems to have helped.
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Every alcoholic who continues to relapse can predict one thing with certainty. There will come a relapse from which there is no resetting, no return.

What we can't predict is which relapse. Will it be the next one? I am pretty sure that would be the case for me. It is like Russian roulette, you can never know which is the loaded drink.

Reading this thread a newcomer could get the idea that we can endlessly go on relapsing and returning. The is not so. Alcoholism is progressive, it always gets worse and ends in insanity or death.

If you are sober today, the safest course is to commit to a program of recovery to stay that way. Make you last relapse the one before you recovered,. The next one could be the one that killed you.
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