bags under eyes...

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bags under eyes...

I have been sober now for over a month and since I quit drinking I have had these ugly blackish bags under my eyes. They never seem to go away or look better. Has anyone else experienced this?
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It could be from lack of sleep or just the sallow look alcoholics acquire.

Keep doing what you're doing. The rewards will begin to pay off soon.

After 90 days I almost looked like a new person.
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I thought they'd never go away but they must have cos they're not there anymore

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I have them, too! 96 days in. I'm sick of em. I never do sleep well.. and I need to drink more water, eat less salt (as I sit here with lightly salted almonds and diet pop).

Look up the buzzfeed article 19 ways to deal with dark circles and under eye bags. I won't presume, but it has makeup tips as well. I'll be needing those!
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I always looked bloated and my skin looked bad.

Even after just 31 days sober I look better. I also lost 20 pounds which also helps.

It takes awhile to get back in shape..but aging also can be a factor of course.
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I still have them at over 11 months but they improve somewhat with sleep.
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The body can take a while to recover, especially after years of abuse.

Personally, when I first got off drugs 6 years ago, it took me ages to look better. Months and months. My skin was in a bad state and lack of sleep in recovery didn't help. But then I started drinking and now I'm 40-odd days sober and I definitely look better. The one thing that is taking a while to sort itself out are my under eye dark circles.

I've been using pure coconut oil on my face at night as apparently that helps. Could try vitamin E oil too!
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Water helps, too.

Sleep is crucial.

I get so little but when I do sleep at all, my bags are much better.
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6 1/2 months and I also still battle this. I think it's aggravated though by my sleep patterns and the fact that I don't drink enough water and I do drink tons of coffee. I can't remember the last time I went to bed and slept through an entire night without waking up somewhere in the duration. What we did with our bodies can take a long time to resolve. For now, feeling lucky I'm a woman so lots of cover up helps.
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After a year of drinking to self-medicate anxiety so I could sleep at night, I needed one month completely dry before my sleep patterns went back to normal. I had those ugly eye-bags you mentioned the entire time I was drinking too much because even though I was sleeping a lot I wasn't getting good quality sleep. It took a month into sobriety to learn how to relax and empty my mind enough to fall asleep at a normal bedtime. I highly recommend taking multivitamins, drinking a lot of chamomile tea before bedtime, and if that doesn't work try melatonin supplements.

.....Of course, two months ago I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem and once I got on thyroid meds my sleep went from "adequate" to "GREAT". I rarely have eye bags any more. I recommend that people who stopped drinking don't just get a physical to check out things the alcohol might've been affecting, but get the whole shebang. I know that while I was drinking too much I wasn't taking care of myself and had no idea I had a thyroid problem. I'm willing to bet a lot of newly sober people out there could use a good thorough physical, to make up for lost time taking care of themselves.
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I appreciate my glasses now more than I ever have.
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For this I like to dab a little black coffee under my eyes in the morning I have them, it actually works though kinda weird
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^^^caffeine in an applied form is supposed to constrict skin and help with things like bags.

I get dark circles not bags, always have, when related to lck of sleep. Everything about my skin and face has drastically improved and I am not sallow, blotchy, easily reddened, any of the stuff I was and I started really notice the diff and hearing it from people after a couple of months. At nine months I hear that all the time.

Keep going. Alcohol will only reverse the process (I blame my laugh lines on ,ugh greater laughing that I do now and being 40!).
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So trying the coffee under the eyes!
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Yup, black circles under my eyes still, and I'm about a month in. Still a long way to go, I know. But my skin looks healthier in general, and the whites of my eyes are....whiter. Eyes look brighter, and less heavy-lidded.
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