1st Night Success

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1st Night Success

Some old friends of mine contacted me last night to go get food and hangout. Their intentions may have not been to drink but mine sure were. I saw it as an opportunity to go to the liquor store and buy the biggest bottle I could find. But because I've been so down lately, I honestly didn't want them to see me like this. I am ashamed of myself as well as my situation. Embarrassed too! Fast forwarding, I ended up falling asleep on my friends. I know it's sort of messed up but at least I made it through the night! Happy Thanksgiving
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Good for you. This holiday season is hard enough without the added problems drinking can cause.
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Keep posting
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Congratulations on finding the positive spin on something that very well could have been a trigger! That's awesome.

Some nights it is simply waiting down the clock, or going to bed early, or turning your phone off, and you tell them you took an allergy pill or your battery died.

Don't worry about offending your drinking friends right now. I'm sorry, but you worry about you. You're doing the right thing for you.
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whatever it takes! Way to go!
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Hang in there w, one day at a time.....
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I'm glad you didn't drink
Have you got a plan for today?

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