No appetite for 3 days, but I've been bloating

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No appetite for 3 days, but I've been bloating

Hi Im Josh and ive only been sober for one day after a successful taper. Only last night I had some liver and kidney pain and bloating. I still have a dull ache in my back that come and go. I've been putting on some water weight. Does anybody know how long it takes ascites to manifest? My stomachs isn't hardened, but I've been drinking for almost 11 years and I've never had this happen. Also I quit because I'd throw up violently after trying to take a swig of beer and get a burning sensation on my liver. I hope I didn't quit too late. Does anybody know if free clinics run liver tests? I don't have insurance, but I'd at least like to get some blood work done.
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Sobriety is Traditional
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Welcome, Josh!

Congratulations on your first day sober!

We can't give out medical advice here, but I hope you'll read around and post some more!
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Glad you posted Josh. I've had some friends check with Salvation Army for community resources. Maybe go to the nearest free clinic and explain the situation. Likely,you'll find some assistance.

Good job on not drinking.
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Thanks Coldfusion I'll check it out.
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Hi Joshj

yeah definitely something to ask a professional, not us.
I never had bloating myself but others here may have, maybe they'll chime in with their experience

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Don't have any info, but I hope you will let us know when you find out what is going on.
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Personally, I've had bloating where I feel like I drink endless amounts of water but still feel thirsty and then uncomfortably full, like the water isn't going through or something. For me this subsided after a few days. I did go see a doctor too. Which I would highly recommend doing. You will not be the first heavy drinker they have dealt with. You can do yourself a favor by just being honest about it to the doctor. I know that was a tough step for me.
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Go to the clinic and ask them for help. If they feel you need to go to the ER they will send you there. Great job on not drinking...sounds like your body is saying a big NO MORE!
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I'm not offering medical advice but I can tell you that alcohol does quite a number on our digestive system and our electrolytes. Alcohol kills all the good bacteria in the stomach, and it creates an imbalance in some very critical nutrients in our cells. Therefore, all kinds of odd things can happen early on. It WILL balance out over time. Keep your doctors phone number close. Good for you on quitting.
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Hello my friend. Congratulations on achieving sobriety! I went to hospital on January 7, 2016. I've stayed sober since then, with the exception of a couple day relapse, which friends in AA and my wife save me from.

In the last year, after about 15 years of heavy drinking, the last six months of which I was drunk 24/7, my body has gone through a lot of different things.

You're on day one, and that's awesome. I can tell you to do is go talk to your doctor. I've had lots of crazy stuff. Most of it ismost of it has cleared up, but I understand it's worrisome.

The best way to achieve total peace of mind is to confront everything head on - that is your medical situation as well.

Just my thoughts, but a trip to the doctor may set your mind at ease. At least you'll know where you stand.
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