Alcohol Destroys...

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Originally Posted by rubythrill View Post
This is a big one.
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Drinking destroys trust.
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A sense of clarity. Being at ease. Being able to handle conflict and disruption. Alcohol would destroy my chance at being the best parent I could be.

Alcohol- should I let it- would destroy what I've built up over the last two years of sobriety.
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Originally Posted by GnikNus View Post
Fill in the blank:

Alcohol destroys...
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For me, it destroyed my family.
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I really do want to drink normally. I did for a long time. I was proud of myself. I avoided addiction for many years even tough it was all around me. Four years ago I had a loss which made me run to alcohol. feels like there is no way back. I'm coming to the realisation that I cannot drink. But the truth's not an easy task. I want to be normal. I want it to be like it once was.

I want to enjoy a gentle buzz.

I haven't had a gentle buzz in many months. There are days I think it might just be easier to end it. It seems insurmountable!

But...reading here the last few days has given me hope.

Off now. Have an appointment at a rehab for "assessment".

I need, want, deserve to get better, right?
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Alcohol destroys the ability to see that life is much better without it.
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Welcome to the forums, Nessun and Marigold.

We're glad you're here.

I don't have any desire to be a "normal" drinker.

As best I can tell, they don't have better lives than I do as a clean and sober, and highly grateful, recovering alcoholic and addict.
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Originally Posted by Notimetoloose View Post
Well said. Getting sober helps you see who you really are. It's often a very different- and better- person.
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Marigold, alcoholism leaves us in a hopeless mental state. Don't buy into that illusion. It's false. Just stay sober and the feeling of despair will leave you. Total sobriety is nothing to fear. A gentle buzz is not necessary to feel normal. Trust me.
Give it time. That's the trade off. That's the key. In order to beat alcoholism you have to give sobriety a chance. The effort is worth it. Trust me.
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can occasional be 1 per 20 minutes?
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Love, for yourself and everyone around you, the whole world really.

Peace X
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Alcohol damages your liver.
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In most of the cases, I found Alcohol Destroys relationships and health if taken in access..
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alcohol kills tissue (cells)
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When an alcoholic drinks alcohol they destroy-
families, budgets, trust, self respect and that of loved ones, careers, cars, homes, clothes, bones, livers, kidneys, the brain, normal smelling breath, moral integrity, fun, the ability to spiritually mature, natural body smell, diets, eye clarity, gums, memory, the ability to cope with anxiety, IT CREATES DEPRESSION, friendships, marriages, retirement, holidays, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, funerals, weddings, mother's day. father's day, new years eve, ANZAC day, house warmings, buck's parties, camping, fishing, movies, promotions, studying, everything.
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It messed up so many things in my life. My job, relationships, friendships, health, finances, and completely changed my future. Sober now but it has its lasting effects unfortunately. Still trying to slowly dig myself out of the mess.
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Alcohol destroys the ability to be at your best and max your potential. When I'm drinking my motor is running on 4 cylinders if I'm lucky. Should be all 8. It handicaps my ability to reach and strive for better. It can destroy your health. It made me a spectator of my confined life instead of a real participant in it.
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