11 months for sleepie!!!

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11 months for sleepie!!!

Congrats Sleepie on 11 months 1 year just around the corner your doing good keep up the good work!
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Sleepie Woot woot and ring the bell. so proud of you hon .. go team go..
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Sleepie, so great! Congratulations!
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A job well done, Sleepie! You've earned some celebration!
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I am so happy for you, sleepie. You have exhibited such strength, determination and courage in reaching this milestone - proud to know you, girl!
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Congrats, Sleepie!
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under new management
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You go, girl!!!!

Congratulations, sleepie
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Woe is Moo.
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... ... thank you for be inspiration, Sleepies. For be example of how one can suffer so much, but still. stay. sober.

... ... I not say more cuz this thread already gonna be big challenge for you. Can you accept what you have achieve?! Against all odd? And no poo poo it?

Come on girl...
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Thanks guys and thank you zjw for starting this thread. So many here have been thoughtful and helped me get this far. Couldn't have made it without you.
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Woe is Moo.
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that very gracious, Little Dove.
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I'd like to hear how everyone else is coming along.
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Good Job Sleepie!
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Way to go sleepie!..keep it up!!
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zjw this is off topic but listen...

I have been endeavoring to get my heart rate up more frequently and dream of dreams get aerobically fit. I have some limitations due to my eye condition. So I use a little mini stepper and I am not afraid to sweat, even if it's 10 minutes, it's better than no minutes right?

I put BF on it yesterday for 10 minutes... he complained of hid thighs burning and being sweaty... and got his heart rate up to a whopping 136.... seriously you'd think I asked him to run a marathon lol

but anyway it is good to have a partner who is interested in their own health so props for that zjw
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Congratulations Sleepie

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Fantastic Sleepie!!
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Thanks guys
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((Sleepie)) - Congratulations!!!
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Congrats Sleepie! Almost 12 months!!
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Aye lass.
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