Scared I might be getting wet brain

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Scared I might be getting wet brain

I used to drink a lot about 15 years ago but then I stopped for a long time and started doing it sensibly but then had to stop 3 years ago to look after my mum. I was doing fine until this year when I started getting extreme pain down the left side of my head onto my face which the doctor diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia but when meds didn't work and started experiencing other symptoms such as chest pain, lazy eye he sent me to a neurologist who organised for me to have a scan which Ive done and am now waiting for the 8th Dec for my appointment. Does anyone think this sounds like wet brain, or if I can even get wet brain after stopping for this long without symptoms? Cheers for listening to me rambling. Just very worried.
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welcome amuawad

Originally Posted by amuawad1 View Post

now waiting for the 8th Dec for my appointment.

Just very worried.
Nice to have you here on site.
When I'm in these situations (and there have been many)
prayer has helped me so as to relax a little.
For the mind can drive it's self crazy.
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Sorry I'm posting on so many forums I keep forgetting ive already used this 1. Apologies again
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I developed Horner syndrome in my left eye (drooping, pupil won't dilate) after a sudden onset of shingles attacking my upper left chest, back, and arm. * As a result, I did a lot of research on possible causes of this eye condition and while it's remotely possible that your symptoms have to do with your drinking history, there are many other more likely causes.

Regardless, you're in good hands and they will get to the bottom of it. But try not to blame yourself, okay? Sometimes stuff just happens.

Sending you a hug.

* Just a thought...I never did get the signature rash with this shingles attack, just pain so excruciating I ended up in the ER. Many doctors don't know that you can have shingles without any visible rash, so if you had chickenpox when you were younger, maybe it's a question to ask?
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Please trust your doctor, not some anonymous forum where we aren't allowed to give medical advice anyways.

Hypochondria and anxiety over medical health is treatable too.
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Originally Posted by amuawad1 View Post
Sorry I'm posting on so many forums I keep forgetting ive already used this 1. Apologies again
Thank you for realizing this Amuawad. This is the 5th time you've posted the same question here and the answer will generally be the same. We cannot give medical advice and asking for it is also against forum policy. Please see a different doctor if you do not trust the diagnosis of your current one, and as others have suggest you may want to seek psychiatric care as well.
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My understanding of wet brain is rather limited, but I have always thought that its symptoms were cognitive and not pain-related.

I am sorry for whatever condition has shown up on your doorstep.

Keep us posted.
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Hang in there. Docs will figure it out. Post as much as you want about it! It prolly helps lessen your anxiety. Take care.
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Talk to your doc, no forum can answer this.
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Doesn't sound like wet brain but wait to see what your physician says. Lazy eye and chest pain aren't really connected in conditions.
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Give your Doctor a call and ask if you can have the results over the phone, let them know that you have concerns.....Some doctors don't mind.
Take care of yourself and don't drink it can trigger neuralgia.
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I hope you get some answers from your scan amuawad1

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That seems like a long time to wait for scan results. Though I agree with the others that it does not sound like wet brain. Is you doc aware of your drinking history. Why don't you call your doctor tomorrow and talk to him/her about.
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