Uncle Diagnosed with Leukemia

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Uncle Diagnosed with Leukemia

Last night I received an email from my cousin telling me my uncle has been diagnosed with acute leukemia, is currently undergoing chemo and is in very bad shape.

It is very sad. He is an active man who has lead a very healthy lifestyle, and raised a wonderful family who love him very much. There is always the chance the chemo will buy them some time but it does not sound all that hopeful.

My reaction is one of sadness. I understand what my cousin is going through, having been through it myself. I know just how he is feeling and I want to offer whatever support I can. It is so devastating to lose one of your rocks. I lost all mine, and I am so glad my sponsor made sure I had a higher power to replace them. Now again I can be a rock, and I have Power to draw on.

My prayers go to him and his family, and I am here if I am needed. I can be relied upon.

This has been a result of the AA program and my developing relationship with the God of my understanding.

I suppose I could make a big drama of it and maybe build it all into an excuse to drink. It would be a good excuse afterall. But it hasn't occured to me to do that. I don't want to drink, I lost the desire long ago. I do want to be part of my family and part of the real world, and it is such a privilege to be present and real.

That is what freedom from alcohol has meant for me.
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I'm sorry for your news Mike. My best wishes go to you and your uncle cousin and family.

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Mike, I will keep your uncle and your family in my prayers.

I too, am glad you don't have to drink over this sad news.
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Mike, I'm very sorry about your uncle's illness. I will keep him and his family in my prayers, and I'm so glad you are sober and able to be present.
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I'm truly sorry to hear about your uncle, Mike.

Hopefully things will not turn out dire, but at least you are in a position to be of assistance to your family in their time of need. Your family will need them more than us, but thank you for your words of courage.

Take care of yourself as well, please.
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yes; it is a blessing to be able to be present and part the midst of sadness.

sadness without drama.
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Mike, I'm so sorry to hear of your uncle's illness. My thoughts are with you & the family.
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