Five years!

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Congratulations, I love your post...Sobriety is a gift we keep giving ourselves.
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Thank you gaffo for an encouraging post. Congrats on your 5 years of sobriety.

I know what you mean - I spent a bit of time obsessing over drinking/not drinking. It all got better and now I barely think of it. Never dreamed that could happen. We're proud of you.
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Very cool gaffo!
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Congratulations! And thanks for posting the encouragement.
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Congratulations Gaffo!!!!
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Encouraging to hear this. Especially the part about not having to think about drinking/not drinking anymore. That must be such a daily relief and nearly beyond comprehension for somebody in early recovery, I believe.
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Five years is awesome, Gaffo. Thank you for your inspirational post!
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Fantastic achievement gaffo. Congratulations, inspiring.
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Congratulations on five years!!!!
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Congratulations!! 5 years is an amazing milestone.
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good job gaffo! congratulations!
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I reckon if you do 5 years, you can say you truly turned things around. And you need never go back to the dark days.
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Five years rocks gaffo, congratulations!
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