I can play pool sober!

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I can play pool sober!

I play pool for teams a couple of times a week. I regularly get asked how many pints it takes before I relax and play my best pool. I usually say 2 or 3, but usually end up having at least 4 before I play.

I've decided to give up drinking and have been sober 7 days. Last night was the first time I've played pool without a drink in my hand for a long time. It's strange to be able to see the balls on the table, and see everyone around the table clearly. I played really well so I know it's a delusion when people say that they can't play pool or darts without a drink. Drinkers tell so many lies.....

Looking forwards to the coming months and years of sobriety. Good luck all.
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"Drinkers tell so many lies....."

Truer words were never spoken.
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Welcome to SR Andy

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Congrats on 7 days and welcome back to SR Andy.
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This thread title grabbed me right away, cause it's happy!

I like that you're straight away finding out that you can have fun without being drunk. Many have a tougher time with that.
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