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New to forum

Hi all, been lurking a long time. Figured I'd join in on some conversation. My story: heavy drinker age 15-26. Started at a pint a day as a youngster then grew to a handle a day. Kept it together til the past couple years. Several failed attempts and a few detox stays. On day 5 now (that's big for me) still having some withdrawals but I hope worst is behind me. I feel my mind is finally in a spot that this time may be successful. Over it, 11 years of reliance on the bottle has me almost resentful of it at this point. Gf and family are behind me all the way so that helps. Look forward to being a member here. have read alot of great posts. Thanks guys
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Welcome! I hope you find SR as helpful and the people as compassionate as I do!
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Hi Jake, welcome to SR and congratulations on day 5.
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Hi Jake,

Welcome to SR! You almost have that first week of sobriety behind you. Those first few days are the hardest, nicely done!

Looking forward to seeing you on SR!
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I think a big step for me is finally realizing I can't have that first drink. Turns into a disaster Everytime. Trying to learn how to live without.
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Hi Jake. Glad you found us and are posting.
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Welcome, I'm glad you're here!!
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Glad to have you here Jake - congrats on 5 days
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F*** the Zero
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welcome jake. congrats on your sobriety.

I'm the same, that first beer is a killer
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Help and Welcome Jake.
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Welcome to the Forum Jake!!
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Hi & Welcome Jake
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