39 months tomorrow

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39 months tomorrow

Celebrating 3 plus years tomorrow. I've been a little edgy lately due to some chronic back issues which have gotten worse this past month. I usually have success with going to the chiropractor but this time the inflammation is really bad. I used to not feel stuff like that because I was somewhat drunk more or less all the time. But at least I'm sober and dealing with it sober. I have two mini vacations coming up in the next three months. I have a lot more money now since I don't waste it in bars and such. I'm a little worried about these trips though as one is a short Christmas cruise and the other is to a known party place which have other things also. The trick I guess is to concentrate on those other things. Thanks for listening to my rant.
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Congratulations on your sobriety. Doing (and learning) new things in sobriety has helped me shift my thoughts away from drinking alcohol. Have fun on your trips!!
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Congrats on three plus years! Enjoy your holidays!
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Congratulations. This is nothing to sneeze at!
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Congratulations on all that sober time, I hope I can one day say the same thing! I have 60 days tomorrow... and I wanted to drink tonight and am glad I decided to medicate my emotional pain with food instead, LOL! I am learning that I can get through bad days just fine with or without alcohol, but if I have the choice to get sick or not get sick, I might as well not get sick? My, what a choice. hahaha
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Best of luck with your back - keep looking for the right kind of treatment.
Congrats on your sober time too tnman

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Hi tnman1967 congrats on your sober time
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Sober date 5/1/13
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Well done on 39 months
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And now it's today...Congrats TNman!
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Great job man...keep going!
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Congratulations on 39 months tnman!
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