Anxiety and panic attacks in sobriety

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Sleepie, please try to see the positives in your life. You have a lot more than most, including myself.
You have a boyfriend and his family (companionship)
You have a work assignment;albeit stressful (employment)
You have food to eat (pizza)
You have 10 months of sobriety (awesome job)!
I understand all of the struggles you have mentioned in your threads, and am not making light of them by any means- I get that you have struggled, but we all face adversity and tough times.
If you want to find happiness, it has to come from within you. You can not expect it will come from others- or you will face disappointment your entire life.
Try making a simple gratitude list every morning before you start your day- even if the only thing you can think of is "I'm grateful I have another day on this earth". Start small and plant the seed and you'll see how quickly things can be different. When you proclaim what you don't want, you attract more of that.
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My heart is broken. I am only human. I have human needs.

I also do not have any money, savings or family. I do not have any good memories, anyone who has ever loved me unconditionally, I have health issues as well that could render me disabled. I have had very alienating experiences that nobody want s to hear about much less try and understand. I spent literally my last dollar on health care costs last year... and the only person who ever even acted as if they cared for me at all in my life died and is gone forever, I had to go through all of that completely alone. I don't really thing a boyfriend and pizza makes me better off than most.
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I also had the anxiety and panic attacks after I quit drinking.
Lasted about a year or so, but they were gradually decreasing in intensity.
Don't like pills - they are very addictive and I don't need more addiction in my life.
Sport helps me find a balance - running a few miles 3 times a week helps a lot.
Also, I use a herbal suplement which helps me calm down - try Valerian root (valeriana officinalis).
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I just want to chime in and perhaps others can correct me if i'm wrong. But for me while yes I do hate anxiety there is a TEEENY part of it that i do like for example anxiety is a motivating factor for me to excercise. so that being said while somethines I think geeze a pill of sorts sure would be nice to relieve me of this anxiety i worry i might take something and decided Meh i dont care about execercise or i might become laxed on my diet etc.. I might be totally off base with this concern. But it is something that I have thought about what if i take something and loose that desire to exercise or to eat well etc..

I think through a lot of trial and error you can get some kinda diet and excercise and life routine pinned down that will work for you.

I sorta had to clear the field IE make my diet very simple then gingerly add and take things to see what works and what doesnt. I did the same with my activities and such i made things so simpel then i gingerly added in this or took away that to see what worked.

Its been a process and an ongoing one but through all that i've been able to fix up a lot of my issues.

Sleep is the last of my issues

some people function well on no sleep i typically do not. even when i was a kid i'd study tired and fail the tests each and every time becuase i could not remember a thing. I have the same issue with my music lessons now. I have to practice earlier in the day when i'm slightly less tired or it goes no where. the issue is I only have a few good hours each day then i'm drained again. its mainl due to my sleeping problems.
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also and anxiety for excercise like i do it to relive anxiety. But i also get anxious about an upcoming run too go figure. almost daily I have to break the rice and just go do it anyhow once i start i'm ok.

But that anxious feeling can be like the kick in the butt that i need to get going too thats what I worry i might loose if i medicate with something.
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I also suffer anxiety , diagnosed GAD. Exercise and breathing work the best for me , that being said I have storm phobia and if there is a storm looming my anxiety is of the planet and nothing works only the ending of the storm.

Nice new avi sleepie!
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I never had anyone who cared about my well being. Never, and I will never, ever know what unconditional love is.
wrong and wrong
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Sleepie did you get my pm with the link about the info on glutamate?
I still struggle with anxiety and panic too and do any and all things I can to help it. I do not have any sleep issues. Other than id be happy to sleep 18 hours a day.
But I've been looking for glutamate as I've heard it helps with anxiety. The link I sent you had some. Of the research info. Anxiety and panic is no fun. Keep on keeping on. You're doing so good.

Please remember youre very cared for and loved here. That should always count for something.
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I get anxiety also, sober for about 2.5 years. I blame it on my drinking for not being "normal"

Exercise definitely helps - this is the best thing to do in my opinion
Eating better, cleaner

U can also try things like L-Theanine, Gaba, Vitamin B, these are supposed to help with anxiety

The thing with anxiety is, once we have it, we can be easily tricked into thinking its anxiety, when it can be something else, for example

if you are hungry
really tired,
didn't get enough sleep

these things can trick you into thinking its anxiety when its something else, because our bodies are now sensitive and aware of anxiety related feelings.

For the most part I am ok and I try to do things out of my comfort zone, but also get anxiety or anxiety like feelings at times.

reading motivational quotes helps, or just remembering life is short, make what the best of what u can, and live!
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You wanna come visit a big ugly city Trach?

Oh hey let's make a deal you and I. No drinking and you check in here if you start having thoughts huh?

As for the glutamate, back when I had the taper Dr, from benzos, he said that those kinds of supplements do not work and gaba is not a thing you replace like that, it doesn't work that way. I do appreciate the suggestion and I would love it if it did the trick.

Thanks Aussie the avi is me dragging myself over the hump of another day. You biking anymore?
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I live in a big ugly city, sleepie. ATL Can't wait to get out.

This is unconditional love: I love you. I want nothing but happiness for you. We don't know each other from strangers on the street. But, I love you.
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Originally Posted by Forward12 View Post
Underlying depression and anxiety issues are very common with alcoholics, and it rarely just goes away on it's own. I would really suggest getting back into therapy and perhaps be put on proper meds to help.
Didn't see this at the time (I don't tend to browse this website other than the daily support threads) but this is true in my case.

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I agree with zjw about certain anxieties not being entirely bad.

I have to admit that the exhilaration which accompanies what I do for a living can keep me engaged.

But too much can be overpowering.
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Wasn't coffe a food group?

I'll probably just stay in bed and drink coffee.
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