Anyone else have vertigo?

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Anyone else have vertigo?

I get vertigo like symptoms, more often after a big night (which is pretty much every night). Not exactly like a vertigo like the room spinning but it feels like I'm about to drop/fall off the chair/the bed and I hold on to the the desk for example. I also noticed I'm sort of leaning right these days, i.e. upper body leaning right. GP reckons it's an ear vertigo thing but I suspect it might be related to too many dead brain cells, anyone else experience it?
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Detox and hangovers do produce dizziness for me. Probably low blood sugar among other things.

I also have vertigo. I have seen a physical therapist for this. They do a non medical procedure called the Epley maneuver and it clears it right up. Mainstream drs will not prescribe this. Its a life saver.
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Hello. I myself am a type 1 diabetic so I think the previous poster may be right that it might be low blood sugar. It causes some extremely weird reactions. Also are you drinking lots of water?
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I experience the 'leaning' sensation and I'm at 3.5 years sober. I do wonder about it, but so far, I haven't fallen down. I just kinda go with it.

I've noticed this happens even when driving. I had two outright panic attacks while driving over an interstate overpass... I could see below out of my peripheral vision, and this caused me a sudden panic sensation, then the sweaty palms, and shallow, fast breathing to the point of feeling near passing out. I had to force myself to slow my breathing to get over the overpass. I didn't mind that I was panicking so much, but I was terrified that I might pass out while at the wheel! That would've been catastrophic. And I was driving where there was no place to pull over, otherwise, I would've pulled over immediately!

I have always been afraid of heights. I go past the second rung on a ladder and instantly experience the panic of falling. I have been able to force myself to climb upward, and I am very careful to hold on tightly, but it is not a pleasant thing to do, lol.

I am wondering how much of this is to do with drinking?
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