Freakiest feeling ever...

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Freakiest feeling ever...

I must have been sleepwalking last night. I turned off my alarm, in my sleep, got up, opened the window, went in to the bathroom... then went back to bed... best I can figure. I had shut the window before I went to bed and when I got up it was open, and when I got a towel out of the closet to hang it on the hook outside the shower, there was one already there. It was bad enough to oversleep for work, but to look around and finding I had clearly done things I had no recollection of, it made me feel like I had just came to after a blackout, and I haven't had a drink in 46 days. It was so freaky.

Has this ever happened to anyone? And why do people sleepwalk? Could it be because I had two pots of coffee yesterday? I crashed by ten, woke up at 1, tossed for a little while and then didn't stir until 7. Except apparently I did. LoL.
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Do you take sleep meds?
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Yes, in the past I have sleep walked, talked and have reason to believe that I still do. A few times I have dreamed that I was looking for and found something that had previously been missing. Upon waking up, the long lost watch is on the floor next to my bed.

All past roommates and family members have been spooked at one time or another because of the talking. When I sleep, I sleep very deeply and when overtired, like in undergrad, required 10 separate alarms to wake my brain.

Congrats on your 46days. I swear that it took a really, really long time for my brain chemistry to stabilize after stopping alcohol at night. The good news is that I am now sleeping as well as I did when I was a kid. Hang in there.
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Don't take anything, did take a benedryl the previous night, but not last night.

I had quit a few days of good sleep... and then Tuesday night I slept okay but was really cranky all day Wednesday, as if I hadn't slept well. Today I felt rested once I finally woke up. Too bad I was an hour late for work. :P

I am going to have to figure something out... today I only had 3 cups of coffee and none past 3, no nicotine whatsoever... when I go back next week I'll have to set the clock radio and the tv and my phone with a different ringer.

Oh and this was my third 12 hour shift back to back... worked 7am-7pm Tue, Wed, and Thu...
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Sounds like you have a lot going on. Sometimes our minds do weird things when we get worn down/overtired. Maybe take it easy if you can?
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Originally Posted by ScottFromWI View Post
Sounds like you have a lot going on. Sometimes our minds do weird things when we get worn down/overtired. Maybe take it easy if you can?
This. I know my body will overcompensate with sleep if I wear myself out or haven't gotten enough sleep in a while.
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