Today is day 60

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Today is day 60

Life is good. I'm 60 days sober and my SO has not had a drink in 2 days! We have had a couple great days!
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Fantastic news Ladybug, congrats on 2 months!
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That's great, very inspiring to read.
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Sober date 5/1/13
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Hi Ladybug, well done on 60 days
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Congrats on 60 days, and to your SO on two days!!!
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Good job!!
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Great job lady bug!
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Well done Ladybug and SO
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Knock em dead girl, nice job!!
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Thank you all for all the support!
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Congrats, great milestone!
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Yay!! Congrats! I'm a few days behind ya
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I remember Day 30, Day 60, and watching them rise, and feeling so glad to have such natural power coming back to me.

There was once a time when my nerves would be on edge if I didn't know where I would be at which time, so that I would be able to approximate how much drinking time to myself at home I would have. I would stay away from after-work functions (where they would drink) so that I could be at home drinking more and longer. I would hit different liquor stores on a rotation basis, so that I would not be recognized too many times at the same place (like that accomplished a single thing). Empty bottles galore. An endless cycle, and it was not living a very free life.

Day 30, Day 60 and the rising numbers are much to be preferred.

And as those numbers do rise, there are certain physical benefits that begin to appear as well, such as better coordination, a return to a more reasonable skin colour (less redness, for White people) and a general improvement.

For some people it also means improved relationships, new opportunities for work, new understandings with their God....But always the possibility of a better life.
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Congrats! Two months is HUGE
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Congratulations LadyBug

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