Hurricane Matthew Check-In Thread

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Hurricane Matthew Check-In Thread

Maybe this is dumb, but I thought it might be nice to have a place for those of us affected by Hurricane Matthew. Riding out the storm or evacuating are perfect excuses for drinking and drugging (for me it was) and we can do this sober!

I am in Charleston, SC and we are under a State of Emergency and evacuation of the coast.

I am still at home and have gone out for supplies. I have talked to my sponsor, sponsees, and have a plan to leave if it looks like it is going to get hairy.

If you are in the cone or otherwise affected by Matthew (ie your psycho drunk brother is coming from FL to your, check in here!!

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You and all those near and around
this hurricane path are in my thoughts
and prayers. Stay strong and calm.

Im in Baton Rouge and know all
to well about the severity of hurricanes
in the Gulf heading our way.

The worst thing that could happen
would be to not be prepared and
from what you wrote, you have
taken precautions and are prepared
for what's ahead of you.

God Bless you and keep you safe
as well as all those in the same situation.
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Yesterday in southeast Virginia, we were in the path of the hurricane. Today the path has been updated and it looks like we will be spared.

Hurricanes used to be an excuse to stock up on beer and drink. Now I ride them out sober. Much better prepared for any emergencies.

For those in the storm's path, be safe. Stay sober.
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Thinking of everyone affected by Matthew.

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To all who may be in harm's way, please be safe and I wish you well.
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Last I heard we PA folks may get nailed Sunday morning, provided it continues to hug the coast. Even so, it'll just be a lot of rain. Lots can change in 3 days.
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Prayers to all of you who are affected and have faith that God keeps you safe and protected.
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We're a little of 8pm this evening we are expecting tropical storm force winds and heavy rain.
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Not dumb at all mfanch. Good to be have each other when these things happen.

Hoping everyone comes out of it safe and sound....
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Please stay safe everyone!

If you lose service, check in when you can.
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Was in the left edge of the cone here (quite a bit inland in NC) but not any longer. We have a place at Emerald Isle (near Morehead City) that's still in the left edge of the cone but it's survived many hurricanes over its nearly 40 years. My thoughts and prayers are with those who are in more immediate danger along the FL, GA, SC coast.
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I'm also in the warnings, and bumping this thread so I know to keep checking it
All stocked up and ready to ride it out starting tonight.
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It appears there won't be any issues in the Northeast US, but for all of you in Matthew's path, please stay safe. AND don't hesitate to evacuate if needed.
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I think this is a great thread. I'am in Titusville near the I-95 - SR 50 area about 20 miles north of Port (Cape) Canaveral. I have a home in Jacksonville and may be going up there tomorrow. Traffic is horrendous with people evacuating South Florida and going north to I-10 and then West.

I would rather take my chances at home than get stranded on I-95 when that thing hits ! (Katrina)

I've been preparing all day and just got home. I'am tired. Will keep tuned in here as long as we keep the lights on.

Thanks all for you prayers and best wishes !

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Stay safe everyone!
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Looks like it's gonna be ugly. Stay safe everyone!!
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I'm watching the Weather Channel keeping
up with what is happening with this strong

If you guys are newly sober riding
this out, please hang on and don't
use drinking or using to cope with
hurricane. There is nothing that
drinking or using at this time that
will make what is going on right now
any better.

I was just 2 yrs sober when Hurricane
Andrew came to Baton Rouge. I had
2 little ones with me alone while my
husband at that time was at Dow
Chemical taking care of business.

Yes, resentments set in because
I felt it was his duty to protect his
little family first, yet work took
him away.

HOWEVER, newly sober and with
my anchors tied down deep within
my recovery already, I used all that
was taught to me to remain sober
under all kinds of situations and
used them during this scarry situation.

Yes, we made it thru that night,
me keeping my little ones safe
and worry free all in my new
sober life. Thank You Lord..!!!!

Over all of my 26yrs sober, I have
gone thru many experiences in life
and none has ever taken me back
into that darkest part of my sickness
of alcohol addiction.

No matter what life throws at me,
I hope and pray that all that I have
learned thru out the yrs in recovery
it will keep me strong and continue to
remain sober.

The same goes for each of you, no
matter where you are or what is
happening in your life. Stay safe
and use what you have been taught
to remain sober and the sun will
come out before you know it.

Don't let addiction keep you in
the darkness and deep despair.

Recovery, sobriety is your guiding
light for life.

You all are in my thought and prayers.
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I'm in eastern NC but right now it looks like we'll likely be spared the brunt of the storm here. Best wishes for all those still in it's path. I have a brother in FL who is being evacuated. Hurricanes are no fun!
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Originally Posted by GetMeOut View Post
I'm in eastern NC but right now it looks like we'll likely be spared the brunt of the storm here. Best wishes for all those still in it's path. I have a brother in FL who is being evacuated. Hurricanes are no fun!
Where in eastern NC?
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Originally Posted by GnikNus View Post
Where in eastern NC?
Near Raleigh. About a half hour or so from there.
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