Hurricane Matthew Check-In Thread

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Originally Posted by DuhDave View Post
I think this is a great thread. I'am in Titusville near the I-95 - SR 50 area about 20 miles north of Port (Cape) Canaveral. I have a home in Jacksonville and may be going up there tomorrow. Traffic is horrendous with people evacuating South Florida and going north to I-10 and then West.

I would rather take my chances at home than get stranded on I-95 when that thing hits ! (Katrina)

I've been preparing all day and just got home. I'am tired. Will keep tuned in here as long as we keep the lights on.

Thanks all for you prayers and best wishes !

Unfortunately I believe that the space coast may be the area that the hurricane comes closest to or makes landfall. I'm not sure how much safer Jacksonville would be but I have to believe it would be safer than staying put in Titusville. Stay safe DD!
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I hope everyone makes it through this safely .
Prayers sent.
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One Day At A Time
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Praying everyone stays safe and sober!!!
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Still thinking of you guys

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Thank you, MFanch, for starting this helpful thread. Natural disasters are a stressful time for so many people, both those in its direct path and those concerned about family and friends.
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Thinking of you all, hope everyone makes it through safely.

Peace X
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Road curfew kicks in here in twenty minutes. Good thing, as it's already reallyyyy coming down, and has been for hours.
I hear some positivity coming from the Miami area so far, but it's a bit early to tell.
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I am ready to go here at the house. We are in for a cat 1/2 hurricane into tomorrow with around 12" of rain and a 5-7 foot storm surge. My AA clubhouse has 4 meetings a day. Last night we had a book study at 8pm...there were 9 of us.

I will hit the 1230 today before the wind gets going. Thankfully the meeting is only about a mile from my house!

If we have electricity, I will check in again tonight/tomorrow from Charleston, SC!

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Doing ok here in Gainesville, Fl....we are inland and are supposed to feel tropical storm force winds....say a prayer for the state of Florida. I've been through a lot of hurricanes...this one sober!!!!
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Thinking of all of our friends in the area to stay safe and travel safely if you need to evacuate. Hoping the worst part of the storm continues to stay offshore as much as possible.
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DuhDave... You ok?
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DuhDave, you're in our thoughts... hope you check in and things are OK.
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If DD is still in Titusville he is still getting "scraped" by the outer eye wall (thankfully the eye has remained just offshore). If he's in Jacksonville he's getting pounded by the strong bands just to the NW of the eyewall.


Please take care in Charleston as it looks like you guys are at high risk for historic storm surge and flooding rains. They are saying that between the surge and rain Charleston could see flooding that surpassed last October's historic flooding.
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I hope for the best for all in Matthew's path.

It's a scary storm.

I plan to drive over to Charlotte tomorrow to try to catch the NASCAR race tomorrow night and on Sunday.

Best to all and, like AASharon said, don't drink or use.
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Lights are flickering and the town is flooding (as it always's Charleston). We are high and dry and the eyewall is just offshore. Overall, things are going well. I am cut off from meetings, though. Many neighborhood streets are impassible and will be for quite some time.
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Glad to hear you are doing ok in Charleston. Love it there.
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Well Matthew is taking his farewell tour through NC right now. We've had 7" where I'm at with another 3" possible before we're done. The winds have been gusty but overall not an issue. Flooding is going to be the biggest concern for NC for the rest of the day and the next few days coming up. My area has had some flash flooding, but the biggest concern will be river flooding over the next few days in the eastern half of the state. Comparisons to Hurricane Floyd are being used by experts worried about what may come from all of this rain, especially since the ground was already saturated from 10" of rain in the previous couple of weeks.
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Ditto what Grungehead said for my area. I'm only about a mile from the Tar River and this area was devastated by Hurricane Floyd. So far, I don't think the rainfall totals are quite as severe as they were then, and also back when Floyd came through, the ground was already saturated by Hurricane Dennis, which hit us twice! Wishing the best to all who are, and have been, affected.
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One Day At A Time
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:group hug: Praying for all of you.
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As of now, I can see that the river has swollen to just beyond the boundary of my back yard. My house is kinda up on a hill, so hopefully it won't get much higher! At least the rain appears to have stopped now, for the most part.
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