90 days

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90 days

Well in one hour I will see 90 days. It seems kind of unreal. I remember the first few weeks going by so darn slow and now they are gaining speed. What I have learned is there is still so much to learn about living a sober life. Like all alcoholics we numb our lives with alcohol. The thing I love most about being sober is that I am not in a rush for the most part. I am not having to get to my next drink so I am more apt to being in the moment where I am. Some of the things I do to stay sober is pray every day and journal even more prayers at night. I rely on the hope that it does get better. I attend AA around 4 times a week and work with my sponsor on the steps. I avoid places that I am not sure I can handle right now. If I am in a situation that involves a lot of alcohol (I avoid if I can) I have a written relapse prevention plan ahead of time. I see an addiction counselor every week who is also in recovery. Alcohol wasn't working for me. I am now looking at this journey as a way to find my true happiness without masking it. I hope people who are struggling hold on tight cause it does get easier. Is it easy?? Heck no! I still question and have doubt about all this but I don't have to feed into the addiction. We gain nothing by drinking but stand to lose everything by continueing so why not just try something different?
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That's great Linz - congratulations
Keep going!
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Well done on 90 days. It was a big milestone for me too. I never thought I would last that long so I never kept track of the time.

No one was more surprised than me when my sponsor told me I had reached 3 months. I was too busy on the steps to notice the time I guess, but it is amazing how things change when we get busy with the program. By 90 day I was certain I was on the right track. Sounds like you are too
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Do your best
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Congrats! 90 days is HUGE
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Fantastic Linz!!
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Thanks everyone! Woke up with a five mile run (ok there was walking also) about to head to church and then AA for my chip. What a day much better than the life I was living over 3 months ago
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