Anyone ever break anything (bones)?

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Only once about 12 years and I was totally sober. Surgery, pins, and the surgeon telling me I would never run again or play sports. Fortunately he was a better surgeon than prognosticator because I have dozens of marathon finisher medals since then in addition to doing many other activities.

I wish you well with your recovery and has already been suggested, with the approval of your doctor, get used to your crutches to increase your mobility and truly get outside.
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I broke a big toe around 10 years ago.

I have torn 2 different sets of ligaments over the course of the last 5 or 6 years which have necessitated 4 surgeries on my elbow and shoulder.

Good luck with your leg issues and, more importantly, your sobriety.

I don't know how long you have been sober, but, in any event, I would use this as some down time to continue to work on sobriety matters.
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7 surgeries on my right shoulder leading to a total shoulder replacement. Sports related.
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I got really mad and I punched my bathroom wall when I was drunk.

I made sure it was the hardest spot on the wall, covered by the stick on tiles and over a post so I wouldn't damage the wall (such forethought )

Pretty sure I broke my hand I punched it so hard. The outside bone on my palm. Half my hand turned a deep purple and I couldn't move it or do anything with it. I refused to see a dr tho because I was so embarassed. How do you explain that?
So I said I tripped and fell into a wall. And rested assured that I still had a hard punch.

I hope you heal up soon bbe
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Thanks all. As some of you know, I have been drinking for 10 years. I believe I have some huge issues..

Osteoporosis being one. I didn't really fall that far (3 steps) and to break 4 bones at age 35 seems odd. However, they didn't test for this.

I drink over 5 cups of coffee a day, skip breakfast, and am wondering if my bones are made of chalk.

I am going back to work Monday. Due to this (and a football-field distance walk into work) I rented a weelchair. I have no health insurance. If I fall on crutches, I figure the ambulance (900) plus another surgery (5k), and hospital isn't worth it.

Anyway, does anyone have osteoporosis from drinking? As soon as I get insurance again, I plan on testing for this. I also had birth control. A huge bone sucker.

I have been sober for about 2 months. I really remain sober now since the thought of some medic having to come up here and carry me down steps, after I fell, from drinking, humiliates me.

If I fall again my leg is done. If I drink, I will fall. I wasn't even steady on two feet sober let alone one drunk.
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Broke my collar bone as a little tyke; don't remember it.

Got a couple of concussions in horse accidents but no broken bones and a busted lip from a horse. Surprised it didn't take out some teeth.

Most of my knee injuries were from sports or skiing. Being on crutches does work your upper body good and who doesn't need help in that area?

I may have broken my tailbone ice skating, but back then we just rode it out and it gradually got better. Didn't go to the Dr. for that.
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BBE, Is this the same job? If so, then why was your insurance cancelled? That doesn't seem right!
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Originally Posted by SnazzyDresser View Post
That's rough, I feel for you bro. Hang in there. I mentioned that I shattered my proximal humerus in your other thread, just mind-boggling pain. I lucked into a great surgeon and I now have a titanium shoulder than does the job, 5 years later.

Pretty much the same as me.
I had a very similar shoulder fracture after a seizure. Have had three operations on it - One to put in a metal plate and bolts, one to take them out and a third to fit a replacement shoulder.

I've actually got my yearly checkup/x-ray on it at the hospital tomorrow.
It has been sore a bit lately which is a bit concerning because a replacement shoulder is meant to last about 25 years and it's only been about 3 :/
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