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Originally Posted by sleepie View Post
But you know what would help me rest? Something that will NEVER happen. Acknowledgement from someone who hurt me.

But yeah people don't do that. Because humans suck.

At least I can rest assured in that much.
Sleepie, You may have reached out to other trauma survivors, as much as you have recovering alcoholics already. If not, it might give you some relief to contact people who know what you're going through and know how to help. I see that the NAASCA - National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse is one such organization. I don't know if you have tried or considered inpatient care. Some people say that their lives have been rebooted using the interventions offered inpatient and beyond. You deserve peace. You deserve health. And, you deserve to live well, in spite of, and away from, those who are hurtful.
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Sleepie I'm worried about you. Please stay around and communicate; we want to help and support you as much as we can. Please don't go silent on us...
I too suffer terribly from insomnia, so I certainly can identify with what you are going through. Wish I had the solution to this problem; I would certainly share it with you.
Stay strong my little warrior. You've come so far....never forget that. You have accomplished what many are unable to do.
Sending Mr. Sandman your way....
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who knows what lack of sleep is doing to you as well sleepie in terms of maintaining your sanity and patience and clarity of thought etc.... I know on days i dont get enough sleep its best to quit while i'm ahead becuase if i try to be productive forget it nothing will work out right and i'll just make myself miserable. its sad becuase theres more of these days then there ought to be but it is the way that it is and I just try to work with what i got.
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Originally Posted by sleepie View Post
. But you know what would help me rest? Something that will NEVER happen. Acknowledgement from someone who hurt me.
sleepie have you ever confronted those who hurt you and told them how much they did ? get it off your chest face to face, it may help.
Wishing good things for you.
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Hi Sleepie -Obviously I don't know any details about what happened to you, but some very wise people have said that the best way to get over being a victim in the past is to forgive the perpetrator. Not because they deserve it, which they probably don't, but because it will free you from their power over you.
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Hope you are ok Sleepie....peace and love and hopefully some rest xo
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How are you today, Sleepie??? Please don't give up on us (or yourself).
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Hello Sleepie,

I can't begin to imagine what it has been like to work day-by-day to achieve those 9 months.

I also can't begin to imagine what your childhood was like for you. You deserve to be royally PO'd about it, though. Those 'Sons of Motherless Goats' had absolutely no right to treat you in such a contemptuous and abusive way!! NO RIGHT AT ALL!!!

There was NEVER anything you did to deserve the childhood you endured. No child deserves to be abused--it's something that shatters my heart a little each time I hear about it.

I also agree with you that the one apology you want is unlikely to happen...because SOMG's like that are cowardly and ignorant of what good, decent, caring human beings should do. SOMG's can be utterly incapable of recognizing their own failings.

My greatest hope for you is that someday you will truly know that you are worthy of a peaceful and joy-filled life. You absolutely deserve to feel joy!

I hope you were able to get a bit of sleep last night.

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Hi - I also experienced a nasty childhood. Maybe not as bad as yours - but still bad. Your nine months of sobriety is a true inspiration for me! Not sleeping is horrible I know. Just know that I am with you in spirit. For me, I just know that a benzo or booze doesn't work anymore. After 30 years plus of substance misuse that fact was more then driven home!! Stay the course with us.
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