Non-Alcoholic Wine & Beer

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Originally Posted by LadyBug66 View Post
I say if it helps you get through a difficult time then why not.
The danger is that for many it leads to drinking regular beer or wine. It's certainly a personal choice, but there are also plenty of alternatives.
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Interesting data from a recent study on NA beer:
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Way before I was in recovery , my priest at the time served NA wine at mass. I didn't know he was in AA at the time.

Are you asking for social occasions or to have around the house as a substitute?

I've numerous years of sobriety and when I have to attend social occasions where alcohol is abundant, I'll have an NA beer to stop the people there of asking me if I need a drink etc.

When, my friends and I will ride our bikes into a bar and grill for something to eat, no one gives me any grief over having a non alcoholic beer. We're all getting older now . Even my riding buddies don't do any heavy drinking and get on their Harley's

Early in recovery I'd tell you not to.
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I personally couldn't drink NA drinks- I don't drink for the taste-was always to get drunk/numb out... Dangerous slippery slope for me
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