Working on month 9 and...

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Working on month 9 and...

Tremor is at a minimum - still there, but much better than at first.

My skin stopped itching excessively at night a month ago.

I still get this weird social anxiety that I never did before I spend a year drunk. Hopefully that will pass with time too. Any thoughts on that one?

Since I quit, I have acne breakout sometimes like I'm in high school again and I'm 42. Went to the dermatologist and got some stuff to treat it, and it helps a lot, but It's definitely correlated to my cessation of drinking.

But overall-sober, happy, moving forward.
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Congrats on 9 months abs thanks for checking in! That's great to hear that you are seeing improvement in so many areas of your life. Regarding the anxiety it's entirely possible that it's a distinct condition that may require trearment on it's own. Quitting drinking in itself can fix some problems but not all. I dealt with health anxiety for quite some time after I quit and finally saw a counselor, it was very helpful.
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Originally Posted by Timmy1028 View Post

I still get this weird social anxiety that I never did before I spend a year drunk. Hopefully that will pass with time too. Any thoughts on that one?
It's true that heavy drinking can change us permanently. But, in most cases if we stay sober we will once again find a comfortable place in life. The wreckage of our past may still be felt but, we will be very grateful that we stopped the train when we did.

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good on ya for 9 months!

that social anxiety for me was fear- i had low self esteem and thouht everyone hadan opinion of me and those opinions werent very pleasant. talkin to a friend about it he said," how bout ya go up to the walmart, have a seat in there somewhere, and just people watch for a half hour or so."
so i did. talked to him. he asked" how many people did ya see?"
"a LOT"
"how many made eye contact with you?"
" a couple."
"you see,tom, you only THINK people have an opinion of ya when in reality youre just not that important. and even then, your opinion of yourself is more important that what others' think. so,time for ya to start thinkin better of yourself because your not a bad man."


i still get tbe anxiety sometimes. some of its part of being an introvert- i just dont like big crowds.
other times when i know its happening i get done what i gotta get done a d get out.
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Hang in there Timmy, congratulations on 9 months. That's AWESOME!
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Do your best
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Congratulations Timmy
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Congrats Timmy

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Congrats on nine months sober! Keep going, it gets better.
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I have some social anxiety too - definitely think it was part of why I drank - and sometimes going out like I did just last night - to a new place by myself (I knew some people there but did not bring a date) triggers that anxiety. Sometimes I wish I had my crutch alcohol to "help" me.

But I went anyway - drank a club soda - because I was solo, I had ample opportunity to talk to others and I met some new people - and all my interactions were pure and unaided by substances. It was a confidence boost and I know will help with future episodes of social anxiety .....

Congrats on 9 whole months!
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