Whats in your Recovery Toolbox?

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For my recovery tool kit, I include:

1. God;

2. AA;

3. AA literature;

4. Mass (live or on tv).

For my daily healthy living regime, I would add:

1. a healthy diet;

2. exercise;

3. reading (usually true crime);

4. a little tv (usually true crime);

5. seltzer waters, diet soft drinks and coffee;

6. getting information from the internet (as opposed to the tv).

7. posting on this forum as my work and travel loads permit.
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It's constantly changing. Right now its:

Refuge recovery meetings

Taking my medication daily

Moderate exercise

Cutting ties with unhealthy folk

Focusing more on work

Each year my toolbox changes and I think that is a good thing. There will always be constants but it was actually difficult for me to embrace change in sobreity. I was afraid that if I didn't stick to everything I did in my first year that I would fall off course and become unstable. It's quite the opposite. It has helped my growth to Accept new things and to understand that just because something or someone was good for me at one point in my life does not mean that it will always be beneficial to me.
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It varies and changes over time with some elements that seem stable.
Probably more than anything else, trying to live a balanced, reasonably diverse, interesting life that is rewarding without being harmful.
In recent months, different kinds of f2f recovery meetings in a regular way.
Healthy relaxation, both mental and physical.
Physical activity.
Healthy eating and sleep habits.
Avoiding too much social isolation.
Developing more structure and consistency in my life.
Taking care or both chores and things I am interested in so that the anxiety of not dealing with things is minimal.
Generally, trying to nurture my needs in healthier and non-excessive ways.
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My #1 is No Drinking no matter what happens in my life, good or bad. It is the #1 rule, not sure if that's a tool, but it seems to keep me grounded firmly.

SR! That is my #2 support in recovery. Reading and posting. Keeping in touch with friends. Being inspired. Helping others. Remembering how it was, as I read the newbies struggling. Fresh reminders. They are excellent deterrents.

Regular exercise. So important for mood balancing and overall health. I run, walk, exercise bike, and occasionally kayak.

Eating fairly healthy with treats. No deprivation. No funky, restrictive diets for me anymore. Moderation of treats with a focus on mostly whole foods, some convenience foods do work their way in, but I go for overall balance. Plenty of seltzer drinks, tea, coffee, ginger beer, juice, whatever else I want to try that looks good.

The occasional recovery related devotional reading or recovery book. I spent the first two years reading tons of recovery books, so I kind of digested all I need as far as that goes, but I do have a couple of favorite devotionals. They are both on my iPad and I have physical copies.

Writing, gardening, my beagles, and reading. That's mostly what I do instead of drink.

And for the odd, occasional craving I use 'play the tape.' It is a powerful tool.
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Originally Posted by Soberpotamus View Post

And for the odd, occasional craving I use 'play the tape.' It is a powerful tool.
Had to do that this morning already.... cravings haven't been too often or too intense, but when they do come its HALT and then this.
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Good post.

- books, books, books. I have gotten a little carried away lately with ordering books off Amazon. Better than spending all my money on booze though!

-LaCroix water.

-Coffee and/or tea

-Hot epsom salt baths

-Sleep. I have the worst moods/thoughts when I'm sleep deprived.

-Always stocked up on ice cream these days. Always.

-Seeing my therapist once a week.


-Checking into SR at least once daily.
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I just downloaded the Big Book on my phone Kindle app.
Hmm. Been to X amount of meetings in a year and I know I've read all the personal stories, and the important parts of the book... have yet to touch the rest of it.
Addin' it to the tool kit. (reading the whole damn book)
Bubbly water & ginger ale
Dog walks with the little one
Making my bed every day
Showering and shaving at least every other day.
Helping other addicts
Loud music
Practicing gratitude even when I'm ungrateful.
Faith and hope.
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