Feelings about addiction

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I have made "addiction" my research rat it seems. And try as I may, I can't think my or read my way out of it.

For me, it does come down to some wiring in the brain. And after many years of problem drinking the neurological pathway of "drink to mouth" in my brain is the equivalent of the Nile.

Try as I may, I cannot change the course of that river..too established.
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Originally Posted by Loekken View Post
For me, it's the fact that I'm doing better and also that I'm not entirely convinced I'm a 'real alcoholic'.
What difference does that make? We aren't issued cards to certify we're in the "real alcoholic" club. If you're drinking and you suspect there's a problem, you're in the club, like it or not.
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Maybe one day science can answer that question. Better yet, maybe one day science can come up with solutions to help those who struggle with drinking. There is ongoing research on addictions....alcohol addiction is a HUGE health problem in the U.S. and, I suspect, many other countries. AA and other recovery programs don't work for many people. It's just ludicrous how behind the medical technology is for alcohol/drug addiction considering the toll it takes on people and society.
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