Day 365!!!

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Originally Posted by GetMeOut View Post
Excellent job on a year of sobriety! Parts of your story sound identical to mine. Feels great to leave that madness behind, doesn't it?
Yes it does, it always helped me to know that my story was similar to others...because having those similar details confirmed to me that I did have a problem.

Because before I realized that I had a problem, and admitted it to myself, I would think that I was actually really in control, but unfortunately this "one time" I accidentally drank too much (can you believe it ) and I acted like an ass. So if I don't do that next time - I will be fine, thus, I really don't have a problem. It was just this one time......

I would think, well if I don't "accidentally" go over that imaginary limit of drinks where I am going to act like an ass, I will be fine. That stupid logic kept me drunk with a huge problem for years. The major flaw in that logic is that it starts with the sober mind trying to tell the drunk mind what to do. "Ok drunk mind, you only can have 10.24433452 drinks, if you do that, you will be fine, no one will ever know". Like that was ever really going to happen....
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Congrats ! I'm just two days ahead of you, looks like we both used Labor day weekend 2015 as our final dark drunken days.
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Thumbs up

Congrats! And as a bonus, you actually have 366* days!

* leap year
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Do your best
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Way to go MrSmith
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Excellent work and thanks for sharing, very inspiring indeed. Your story resonated with me on so many levels. I'm coming up on the three year mark in about a month.

I'll tell you the same thing my sponsor always says to me whenever I'm waxing philosophical about how great the sober life is.

"Don't worry," he says, "it gets better." (with a smile and a wink).
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Congrats. Very motivating for someone like me who's early in sobriety. Can't wait until I'm there, and I will get there.
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Beautiful! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Thank you for posting that, MrSmith and congratulations!!
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Congratulations on a year, Mr Smith!
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Congratulations, Mr. Smith!

These anniversaries are such an important part of SR. We see them everyday and they're a terrific reminder that sobriety and recovery are within everybody's reach.
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Great thread....inspiring for all of us.
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That, my friend, is simply fantastically awesome. Congratulations. What a great, uplifting story.
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Awesome keep it up.
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