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Has anyone here had alcohol induced pseudo cushings? I've been having major problems. One doc diagnosed me with PCOS, which can get mixed up with cushings. I have just about every single symptom. This last doc was asking me questions...that I could tell were cushings questions.

I'm looking into seeing my old reproductive endo I had to see to get pregnant. But in the meantime, just wondered if there was anyone here who has experienced pseudo cushings? Thanks
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hi PowerFlower, I have no experience with this, just wanted to wish you well with the doctors.
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Thank you. It's not something very touched on when you search the Internet.
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I have to think maybe it can only improve with abstinence?
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From what I have read, it does improve (or completely go away) once drinking has stopped. I cannot find anywhere as to how long it takes. In the meantime, I have put in a call to the endocrinologist. There is another pseudo cushings that is caused from the pituitary gland (which produces prolactin). And I have had high prolactin a long time ago. I feel like my body is falling apart and I am trying my best to take control.
Thank you for the responses.
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Staying in touch with your doc is a good idea. Be wary of Dr. will find a way to diagnose ( or misdiagnose ) yourself with just about any condition on the Internet, and most likely generate a lot of anxiety in the process.
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