9 months today

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9 months today

9 months sober today. Was rough at times getting here, but well worth it. Read my past posts to get a general idea of the first months for me. My last real freak out was first week of July and I nearly threw it all away, but made it through a couple ****** days. Had a great summer and even remembered it all.
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Congrats on 9 months! Don't forget SR is always here if you need it when times get tough.
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Congratulations on 9 months!!!
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way to go mudruck

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Great job! Congratulations! A sober fall behind you will be even better
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hey mudruck, that's GREAT!
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Do your best
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Outstanding brother
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Congrats! Nine months is HUGE
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Awesome job my friend
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Congrats on nine months sober! Keep going, it gets better.
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Congrats. 9 months is when sobriety really kicked in for me as my new normal.
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Congratulations on 9 months Mudruck.
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9 months - how wonderful, Mudruck. I'm happy you remembered your summer.
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Man that's awesome. Keep it up!
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Congrats on 9 months, that is fantastic!!!
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Congrats on 9 months!!! Great job!!
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Thanks everyone.
It does feel good.
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way to go mudruck 9 months is awesome
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9 Months is fantastic Mudruck!!
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