32 Days

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32 Days

I've officially passed the 1 month mark, and it will be the first of many. I just wanted to share and to say that anyone who is struggling; you can do it! I've been in some bad places and I feel as confident as ever to keep tallying up the months, and then the years, and end my life old and happy instead of young, drunk, and miserable.
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Sobriety is Traditional
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One month is AWESOME Steve!
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Do your best
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Great job Steve
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Congratulations! Thirty two days is great. Remember, you never have to drink again and live out your life as you say, remembering it and being there and a part of it.
Keep it up, things will only get better-and you'll be able to handle things that are set backs without drink.
Many more days to you.
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Congrats on 32 days!!
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Congrats Steve and thanks for sharing that things DO get better when you put in the effort. You are doing a great job, don't be a stranger!
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Congrats! I'm three weeks in and struggling a bit tonight, so thank you for this.
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Originally Posted by CajunPrincess View Post
Congrats! I'm three weeks in and struggling a bit tonight, so thank you for this.
Not too far behind me, keep going! Try to sleep and when you wake up you'll thank yourself for not waking up hungover
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Congratulations! Great job on a month sober!
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well done Steve
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Congrats! One month is HUGE The good news is, it just keeps gettin' better and better.
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That's awesome. Well done.
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That's AWESOME man, keep it up!!
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32 days - how fabulous.
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Congrats. That's fantastic.
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