Breaking A Bad Habit

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Breaking A Bad Habit

So, I've been clean for 60 plus days thus far. However one of the hardest things for me is breaking the habit of going out on the weekend and binge drinking myself into oblivion. The urge becomes very strong on Friday afternoon because it is/was what I am accustomed to. Friday afternoon I'm fielding calls from my weekend alcoholic friends with the encouragement of "lets go out get party and get drunk this weekend" and I get this empty feeling inside, start to feel bad, and can feel myself giving into the pressure. Meditation and keeping myself occupied on other things during the weekend has helped thus far but I am still afraid of myself.

I get this sense of "boredom" if I dont go out during the weekend and binge drink into the wee hours of the night as if thats an requirement for me to have "fun" during the weekend. Do any of you struggle with this? and if so what do you do to keep your mind busy or yourself occupied enough not to fall into that trap? I know this is a bad habit I have developed over the years and I am working on trying to develop a new habit of using my weekends to do other things but it is very hard and the brain is a very powerful mechanism. I've gone as far as thinking of drastic measures such as self medicating myself with sleeping pills so I will sleep through the night and not even have to worry about "missing out". But I dont want to do that, its just another unhealthy vice.

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Is there any way you can spend time with others while not inebriating?

I found after awhile that it was rather fun to be around others even if they chose to drink, as I can observe everyone. I also liked being on my feet when it came to conversing. You might try and find some sober folks to hang with.
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I deal with these feelings as well, but a bit differently since I never needed the weekend as an excuse to go on a good one and I never needed any buddies to get drunk with. The last 5-6 years of of drinking have been predominantly in my apartment or bedroom by myself. So around 4pm or so often times I get the urge. What I've noticed is that if I keep myself well fed and somewhat busy it seems to pass. I'm always happy the next when I wake up sober. Only thing worse than facing life's problems is doing it with a hangover and withdrawals.

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