Need some kindness. 4 months til one year sober.

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Need some kindness. 4 months til one year sober.

After I tried and forced myself to exercise I had an increase in anxiety. I stuck it out for awhile. It just felt horrible. Also feeling down about the way I've been treated by some others. I have some benzos. They appeal. I just feel discouraged after this last 8 months. I don't know, will I make it to a year sober, does it even matter? I really need some love and kind words right now. Also read up on abuse survivors, "tough love" is not a good thing for this. It just feels like more abuse. So, this is a forum and I'm allowed my insights and this is a big one. It feels like more abuse to me. I require kindness. I am 8 months sober. Fellow abuse survivors may understand. I need to read some kind and encouraging things tonight because I'm really discouraged. I have a feeling one of you will say I've already gotten kindness here. Well then, I'm asking for more. It's better than using, isn't it.
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One can never go wrong with kindness ! A few kind words carries much worth... I hope you can feel some kindness... You deserve it!
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Thank you teatreeoil btw I really do like tea tree oil.
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((((sleepie)))) love, 8 months sober is brilliant.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.xx
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Thanks Mags you too
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Gentlest of hugs, sleepie: I hope today will be a brighter day for you.
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Sober date 5/1/13
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Congratulations on 8 months
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Thanks you guys I really appreciate you all.
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Tuesday will be four weeks for me. I can't wait to say I'm at 8 months and counting. Don't let anyone around you discourage you or make you feel bad about your decision to end the progressive killing of yourself! I have anxiety and depression (as I'm sure most of you do) and it's been one of the reasons I kept going back to drinking. It's completely overwhelming at times and at this stage I still feel like crap, but I'm coming off of 14 years of heavy alcohol use. We will beat this, with or without the people we've known because if they're holding us back we do not need them! Don't stop going forward. One slip up (to me anyway) means you have to reset everything you've accomplished. May we continue our success and grow into the people we should have been before we decided to get into this nasty habit. Congrats on 8 months, that's a huge accomplishment!
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Hi Steve congrats on your sober time. We drank for near the same length of time and I had benzos thrown into the mix. I hope you will share a one month thread with us so we can cheer you on
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Catch 22
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Well done with the sober time. Huge achievement. When I fluffed an important t-shot on the golf course in a league game one day my opponent said: just be kind to yourself. That has stuck and works everywhere. Just be kind to yourself. You deserve it.
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Yes it matters, and yes you matter.
Sending love and kindness.
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Sleepie, sending you hugs today. You're a special person and you deserve to be happy.
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Hugs, Sleepie. You're doing great. You are right where you need to be! You are going to have bad days. But they will pass. You will have good days too, brighter days ahead! Fall is coming cooler days, the smell of leaves etc. you can do this! I have faith in you.
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Please get rid of the benzos Sleepie. You just said you wouldn't take them yesterday and that you have no problem being around them, but it's kind of obvious from the outside looking in that you are tempted. Give them back to your friend or just flush them, it will be one less thing to worry about.
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Do your best
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Sleepie please get rid of the benzos lately this reckless talking is getting more regular you have come such a long way don't give up on yourself

Come on sleepie this isn't the real you talking hun x
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Good for you for asking for what you need. That's a huge step - especially for a survivor. And way to go on 8 months!
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Just a Girl Trying to Make It...
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Originally Posted by sleepie View Post
I don't know, will I make it to a year sober, does it even matter?
It does, and you know it so you posted. You can do this! Lots of light, love and kindness to you
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Thanks people.

I've been awake for near 24 hours.
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Do your best
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Focus on going to sleep intense focus x
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