Made decision

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Made decision

22th of aust was my birthday, ive drink few and quit. Yesterday and today i dint drink. I dont drink anymore.
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Congrats on making the decision to quit Alkolik - you won't regret it!
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way to go, Alkolik!
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Do your best
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Good job Alkolik.
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Great decision! Good luck.
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Happy Birthday Alkolik,
This will be a good year
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I like the way you put that, Al. I don't drink anymore. It's a decision that's final, over and done. Excellent!

Have you got a plan about the rest of the stuff? Drinking takes up a huge amount of time and energy, and quitting leaves a lot of space that will need some filling, that's what I found anyway. I also found that much of the stuff I filled in with were things I had to give up in order to drink. It's been a win win win situation for sure.

Please keep posting, there is a lot of support here for you. Onward!
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My spots are often talks about making a firm decision to not drink again
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Want to drink few beers with cigarets sometimes but quickly gaining control again.n
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First week seems the hardest, keep at it man. I'm on day 10 now, and it's getting better. We can do it bruv
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Good for you!!! And happy belated birthday and what a great gift to yourself!
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I think thats a great decision. You'll find a lot of support here to help you stick to it, so please use us
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Day 3. Was wery good day. Feeling strong. Only problem is sometimes i urgently want one beer and one cigaret. Keeping patience.
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You're making great progress, Alk. We bound to have temptations in the early days of recovery - but you're handling it.
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3 days is good man. Keep at it, stay strong!
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Welcome, stick around here!
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Welcome Alk. Sounds like your doing well all things considered. Last week was my first week and it was like a roller coaster. From reading around the site that seems to be the norm when one first quits so hang in there.

At day 11 my head is sooo much clearer and I don't really feel any significant physical withdraw symptoms. It has been worth it.
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Happy belated birthday, and great job getting through the first few days! Have you decided on a recovery plan?
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My relations with my family and girlfriend getting much better and its just day 4. I made it clear in my mind i will not drink or smoke again. I hawe special mind trick for that ill write it here next time.

I realized few things about healty life. Its really enjoyable and there is lot of things to do.
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