Hanging in there

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Hanging in there

I've had two situations in the last 24 hours where my mind was telling me that a drink would make things better. A baseball game where everyone in our group was drinking except me and a 10 year old and my flight home got cancelled and how drinking in the privacy of my hotel room would be nice. I have not caved to the temptation. I'm hanging tough and feeling grateful.
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Very well done, missed flights and hotels were always an issue for me in the past.

Have a great sleep and weekend

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Hang in there lb....
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I can understand airports and hotels are huge triggers. Well everything is a trigger these days, I just went to dinner and felt like a moron. everybody drinking even the person i was with and i was having a capuccino, yes my newest obssession coffe at night. ummm welcome to pain either way sober or drinking ugh i hope this get better. Congratulations to you for staying strognt. the way i see it there is no way to sustain my old drinking days so only have one way out.
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Soberandhealthy it will get better. No need to feel like a moron for saving yourself from pain and misery. I acted like a moron when I drank, not by drinking coffee.
Give sobriety a chance. The anxiety and boredom goes away with time. Trust me, you're in for a treat. It's remarkable. Just give it time.
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Good job on not drinking. Think about how great you'll feel waking up knowing you kept it clean. I am loving the no-hangover mornings (although few in number they will grow)
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I understand, I went to a company sponsored baseball game and I was the only one not drinking in the suite except for a 10 year old!
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Glad you made it through LadyBug. Learning to deal with these kinds of situations is what sobriety is all about. Especially learning that It's not the situation itself that is the problem, but how we choose to react.
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Catch 22
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Extremely well done. Two very tricky situations. I still have to do cricket, rugby and gholf without booze. Dreading it.
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